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Fresh New Digs for Aging Independent

by Chris Green on March 4, 2016
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The Independent art fair is apparently all grown up and ready to cement its place of privilege in a new Tribeca location. This year’s event space, Spring Studios, is better known for exclusive fashion and Tribeca Film Festival events, but the organizers believe it is just right for a fair that now considers itself to be mature and ambitious. Aging is perhaps a more appropriate characterization here—this year, the formerly new-blood establishment of the Independent seems as though it is content to coast into retirement.

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The Art F City Survival Guide to the 2016 Armory Week Fairs

by Michael Anthony Farley and Rea McNamara on February 29, 2016
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Do you like art fairs? If yes, you are in luck! If not, get the hell out of New York City this week. Art fairs are multiplying like Gremlins, and mutating as they spawn. We now have specific art fairs for everything: paper, video art, solo projects, Asian art, curator-driven booths, independent artists, dykes, shiny things, boring shows… there’s something for everyone.

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Katherine Bradford and Drawing for Sculpture: Swimmers and Gender Politics

by Paddy Johnson on January 22, 2016
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With a snow storm threatening the weekend gallery goer routines of most New Yorkers, perhaps only the most intrepid will make out tomorrow and Sunday. But for those who haven’t yet seen today’s recommended shows—Katherine Bradford at CANADA and Drawing for Sculpture at Tiger Strikes Astroid (Bushwick) I have good news: both run through February 15th. You’ve got time.

And that’s a good thing, because pretty much any serious art lover in the city needs to see CANADA’s Katherine Bradford show, “Fear of Waves”.

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Racist Quebec Film Draws Ire from Everyone

by Rea McNamara on November 27, 2015
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White guys are at it again. Earlier this week, Quebec filmmaker Dominic Gagnon’s of the North enraged Inuit throat singer Tanya Tagaq as a “painful and racist” experimental documentary that used her music without permission. Tagaq took to Twitter to complain about the Montreal International Documentary Film Festival’s (RIDM) recent screening of the film.

And she’s not wrong to be upset. A bit of background: of the North compiles user-generated YouTube footage from Nunavut and Northern Quebec; it’s a mash-up of Arctic tundra landscapes populated with oil rigs, hunting, and skidoos but also Inuit men vomiting after drinking binges, and even a desperate Buñuel-esque edit of a vagina that cuts into a video of a dog’s tail hair being trimmed.

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GIF of the Day: Reading “25 Ways to Change the Art World” with Gillian Anderson Eye-Rolls

by Michael Anthony Farley on October 29, 2015


Earlier this week, Benjamin Genocchio posted “25 Ways to Change the Art World (for the Better)” on artnet News. While the list had some great suggestions, such as “Museums should devote more solo shows to female artists” or “Massively increase National Endowment for the Arts funding for artists”, many of the proposals seemed inexplicable or eye-roll inducing.

In fact, the average reader probably lacks the full range of incredulous facial expressions necessary to adequately convey their disbelief and/or irritation. To that end, I’ve delved into my collection of found GIFs of actress, activist, and art enthusiast Gillian Anderson—mistress of mysteries and skilled thespian who can communicate the broadest range of precise skepticisms with the subtlist of side-eyes. 

See them all, after the jump
bye felicia

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Changes at Canada’s Major Arts Funder Part 1: New Suits

by Rea McNamara on August 5, 2015
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Big changes are afoot at the Canada Council, the nation’s largest source of funding for the arts. From a shake-up of granting procedures to the appointment of a new chairman of the board, who’s quite the dapper dresser.

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GIF of the Day: Have a Sassy Canada Day

by Michael Anthony Farley on July 1, 2015

canada dancecanadaflashercanada-done

It’s Canada Day! Much like universal healthcare, gay marriage, and CARFAC fees (national arts funding) our neighbors to the north get to celebrate everything before we do…including their national holiday. So by the time Americans are getting 4th of July drunk, Canadians will already have recovered from their Canada Day hangovers and be ready to bring their leftover bacon to your lame cookout.

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