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Palpable Momentum Felt at EXPO Chicago

by Robin Dluzen on September 21, 2014
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When EXPO Chicago started in 2012, the popular opinion was that President and Director Tony Karman had five years to make this fair great. If he couldn’t, it was likely dead in the water. This weekend marked year three of the midwest fair, and exhibitors and attendees remarked on the palpable momentum. 19 Chicago galleries participated, the highest number yet, and EXPO continued to draw galleries from around the world, including repeat exhibitors like New York’s CRG Gallery who has been on board all three years, and Diana Lowenstein Gallery of Miami, who has been exhibiting at Chicago fairs every year since the 90s.

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VICE’s Photo Issue Is Out and We Have the Pictures

by Henry Kaye on July 11, 2014
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According to the masters of ironic hyperbole at VICE, the magazine’s annual photography issue is an event of biblical proportions. More specifically, it’s “a cultural barometer that has been used by historians since the age of Talbot to determine which artists are on the front lines of photography in any given year.”

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Saatchi Art and Google+ Launched A Stupid Contest for Stupid Software

by Paddy Johnson on April 15, 2014
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First hair GIFs cinemagraphs took the web by storm in 2010. Now “motion photography” is creating new opportunities for makers. According to a press release from the folks at Saatchi Art, Saatchi Gallery and Google+ pimping their “Motion Photography Prize”, “motion photography”, or, “.GIFs”. is an exploding new field. This is news because Google + has added an “auto awesome” feature to their image uploader, which includes a GIFmaker.

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MATTE: Vince Aletti, “Something Soulful”

by Matthew Leifheit on October 16, 2013
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Vince Aletti has been allotted more firsts (and almost firsts) in his life than the average person. He was the first person to write about disco. He was one of the first writers to exclusively focus on photography shows in New York. He is the only person to have penned, “This is Not a Fashion Photo” a regular column in W Magazine, where he choses pictures that look like they were made for a fashion publication but weren’t. It’s all part of his interest in niche culture, photography and fashion. I sat down with Aletti to talk about how he’s spent the last forty years studying, curating and reporting on culture.

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