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This Week’s Must See Events: So Many Open Studios

by Paddy Johnson and Michael Anthony Farley on April 26, 2016
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Okay, this map above might be hard to read at this size (big one here), but it gives you an idea of the scale of Greenpoint Open Studios, which runs this weekend and will feature hundreds of artists. That kicks off tonight (Tuesday) with a meet-and-greet happy hour at Le Fanfare. Before that starts, head to Hauser & Wirth for a retrospective of midcentury painter Philip Guston. Wednesday, laugh (or maybe be scared) with Nao Bustamante at MoMA. Thursday, there’s a solo show of Anthony Cudahy’s funeral-inspired paintings at Mumbo’s Outfit in Geary Contemporary and a group show that positions artworks as set pieces at 99¢ Plus in Brooklyn.

The weekend begins with yet more open studios at SVA’s MFA program, followed by the IRL reception and performances for AC Institute’s current online exhibition. More online/offline fun is to be had late night in MoMA’s lobby, where social media artist/rapper Yung Jake presents a multimedia art and music experience that sounds like it will be quite the party. If you’re not too hungover, head to Greenpoint Open Studios on Saturday, followed by a bizarre-sounding Yale MFA show at the Abrons Art Center and a Xiu Xiu performance of music from Twin Peaks at the Kitchen. In a week of “must-see” events, that stands out as a can’t miss. Sunday, Michael Mahalchick’s solo show at CANADA promises to be weird and wonderful, and Greenpoint Open Studios wraps up with yet another party. Wear layers—the weather, like so much art, is going to be unpredictable while you’re trudging around North Brooklyn.

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We Went to Toronto: Cronenberg and Bowie

by Paddy Johnson and Corinna Kirsch on November 27, 2013
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In which we discuss the influence of David Cronenberg and David Bowie, and its documentation.

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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Time to Rally

by Whitney Kimball on October 15, 2013
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Time to execute your most ambitious plans. Start collecting New York’s finest emerging photographers tonight with Camera Club. Join your comrades for a weekend of social change at Eyebeam. Finally make it down to Postmasters’ new Tribeca space, and those up-and-comers in the Donut District (even Roberta Smith did).

For the rest of you lazies, there’s a lot of other stuff and a boob chair at the Hole tonight. Go nuts.

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A Year-End Review: AFC’s Top Rated Posts

by Paddy Johnson on December 28, 2011
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A look back at AFC’s most popular posts reveals good news and bad news. On the one hand, our second most popular page of the year proves that, yes, intelligent reviews do have a place on the web: readers can’t get enough of our Recommended Shows. On the other, this page was trumped only in numbers by Whitney Kimball’s post Streaming Hot Sex Video Games. Clearly, porn and video games remain an enduring interest on the web.

As we embark on our year end fundraising campaign, I urge you to page through these posts below and take a look at some of the discussion here. We spend a lot of time producing posts we think are valuable, and we want to do more of that. Your donations help make that happen.

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David Lynch’s Hair and Famous Works of Art: A Comparative Study

by Paddy Johnson on April 28, 2011
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The wheels are constantly turning here at AFC. Our new intern Reid Singer identifies the problem with yesterday’s hair GIFs: they don’t feature enough of David Lynch’s hair to achieve the “high art” status The Atlantic believes they deserve. Via: Vulture.

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