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Recommended Bushwick Open Studio: David McBride

by Paddy Johnson on June 1, 2012
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David McBride makes his paintings with a stencil and blue, red, and brown glaze. The result is a studio filled with what appears to be a lot of chocolate brown paint. The importance of the subjects is not immediately apparent: in one painting, he pairs a roller coaster with a clothesline of hanging flags, while in another, he fills the canvas with botanical illustrations. The key to understanding the work might be the 3D glasses painted above, which remind us that these paintings, like everything else we see, are constructed from light. It’s an almost obsessive interest in practice, and we like that.

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The Art Fag City Emerging Artist Summer Series: The Paintings of David McBride

by Art Fag City on August 28, 2006

My interest is in subject matter that can be associated with modern myths. By creating paintings dealing with the exploration of space and modern architecture, for example, I am attempting to identify two instances of social ideals that attain the status of myth.Formally, the work is an attempt to blur the distinction between the mediums […]

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