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Stephen Koch on Peter Hujar: “If you’re Vincent, you’ve got to have your Theo.”

by Matthew Leifheit on October 15, 2013
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Stephen Koch is the author of The Modern Library Writer’s Workshop, The Breaking Point and Stargazer: The Life, World and Films of Andy Warhol. He is also an educator and owns and manages the archive of the tortured, downtown photographer Peter Hujar. We spoke at length about Hujar’s life—his friendship with Fran Lebowitz, Susan Sontag, his relationships with Paul Thek and David Wojnarowicz, and even his strained relation with Robert Mapplethorpe. The interview touches on the work Koch has done over the past twenty-five years, raising the late underground hero from self-imposed obscurity to widespread recognition.

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How Two Vocal Homophobes Are Sodomizing Art: Gertrude Stein Edition

by Whitney Kimball on January 20, 2012
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Remember that crazy-ass homophobe who spearheaded the successful campaign to censor Hide/Seek at the Smithsonian Museum? The same conservative sensationalist, Penny Starr, is now trying to censor a National Portrait Gallery exhibition featuring Gertrude Stein.

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Wednesday Links! Everybody’s Losing It

by Will Brand on December 7, 2011

  • Jerry Saltz tees off on the New Museum’s Carsten Holler show and the last five years of museum-friendly relational aesthetics. Highlight: “It would be impossible to imagine anyone getting anything from these works, except briefly distracted.” [NYMag]
  • Jonathan Jones tees off on the Turner Prize judges for not picking George Shaw, and particularly for accusing Shaw of conservatism. For reference, Shaw paints naturalistic, depopulated scenes from around his hometown. Highlight: “Art is now judged by criteria that are fundamentally pretentious and empty. I suppose it has to be, or all the pretentious and empty art that sells in galleries would lose its value.” [The Guardian]
  • In case you missed it, here’s an interview with Shaw that ran in the same paper back in February. Highlight: “I look at [my] work and its innate conservatism shocks me. When I was growing up, I thought I was going to be a really contemporary artist doing video and installation work, capturing the zeitgeist and all that, but”¦ Then, I realised I was just lying to myself.”” [The Guardian]
  • James Panero tees off on the Brooklyn Museum for bringing that veritable antichrist David Wojnarowicz (or the other billion artists in the show) to town. It’s three weeks old, but in our defense nobody we know reads the Post. Highlight: ‘Why wait for Black Friday to begin the tedious “War on Christmas”?’ [NY Post]
  • Apparently, some opera houses and theaters are now offering “tweet seats”, special marked-off areas where audience members are allowed to use their phones for the purpose of livetweeting. Ewwwwww. [LA Times]
  • The latest advance in cat memes is the Procatinator. Fear it.
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Slideshow: Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture

by Paddy Johnson and Christopher Schreck on November 21, 2011
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The Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition “Hide/Seek” opened this weekend and we’ve got the slideshow to prove it. The much lauded traveling show about how gender and sexual identity has shaped American portraiture became a point of contention in conservative circles last year after the Catholic League described the piece as an “outrageous use of tax payer money”. In response, Republicans took up the mantel, and Smithsonian Director Wayne Clough removed David Wojnarowicz's video “A Fire in My Belly” from the show at The National Portrait Museum, a move that sparked much criticism.

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From The Purveyor of Fine Art Objects and Women

by Paddy Johnson on March 29, 2011
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“We pay top dollar for your used Malevich!” reads a speech bubble from the above website. And just what can you get from a company with a name that evokes prophets, cats and law firms all in the same breath? In theory, Cabbage Patch Dolls, David Wojnarowicz, NY Giants memorabilia, and Russian Models. In practice, approximately 30 seconds of wasted click time. So far this site is only a splash page. Scroll down the full length of the site though so as not to miss the senior discount. We’ll all want to take advantage of that. Via: @kristoncapps

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