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Pritzker Rejects Petition to Retroactively Recognize Denise Scott Brown

by Clara Olshansky on June 18, 2013
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On Friday, the Pritzker Prize issued their much-anticipated response to a petition to reconsider a decision many consider a sexist oversight: awarding their 1991 lifetime achievement award to architect Robert Venturi but not his wife and equally deserving partner Denise Scott Brown. Drafted by the Women in Design group at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, the petition ended up garnering more than 17,000 signatures, including many well-recognized names in architecture: Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas, and even Venturi himself. The Pritzker jury, comprised of one woman and seven men, rejected the appeals. (In somewhat more fate-of-humanity affirming news, the Internet is outraged.)

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Friday Links: Deller Censorship and Pritzker Shame

by Whitney Kimball on May 31, 2013

A rare hen harrier. Image courtesy of the Guardian.

  • If you have yet to catch up on the Pritzker Prize controversy, Carolina Miranda’s recent analysis is the authoritative source. As for why you should care, her April interview with Denise Scott Brown offered a pretty shocking testimony to misogyny in the architecture world. [Architect Magazine]
  • Roberta Smith was a friend of Donald Judd, and likes his shrine-house, which has been restored just as he left it. “Its inauguration can only be good for art, design and architecture in New York City and elsewhere,” she writes. [NY Times] (If you still have yet to read Jerry Saltz’s conversation with architecture critic Justin Davidson on the subject, that’s a good one. It reaffirms why people feel so strongly about Judd, and why the Judd worship is justified). [NY Mag]
  • Pinterest has announced it’s loosening up on the nudity ban to accommodate artful nudes. Not that it ever had much luck policing those. [TechCrunch]
  • A new service called Coub (ew) allows you to create ten-second loops from YouTube videos. [Animal, coub]
  • We really can all get along. The Wall Street Journal observes that local businesses are catering more to the art residents in Bushwick. The Boar’s Head distributor Frank Brunckhorst Co. has offered the use of its private block to Storefront Bushwick so they can curate a sculpture show in the street this weekend. [WSJ (behind the paywall)]
  • Apparently, the British Council asked Venice Biennale artist Jeremy Deller not to show a banner ambiguously stating “Prince Harry Kills Me.” They worried that it referenced British troops in Afghanistan; Deller confirmed to BBC Radio that it also had to do with the Sandringham incident, in which the prince and a friend were investigated for the shooting of two rare birds of prey on his family’s estate. (His show is full of bird imagery). [Guardian]
  • Once there was an easy way to get from Brooklyn to Queens without going through Manhattan. But that’s just not possible anymore. [Village Voice]
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Weekend Reads: A Plague of Plagues

by Whitney Kimball on April 6, 2013
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Maybe it has something to do with the dismal economic forecasts, but it’s been a reflective couple of weeks for the blogosphere. Several members of the community have come back around to familiar issues that continue to thrive in the art world like the plague. For that reason, we’ll be giving their thoughts a second read this weekend.

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