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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Summer in the City

by Michael Anthony Farley on June 21, 2016
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When I started compiling a list of art events for this week, I thought “this is going to be slim pickings.” There’s a stereotype that New York in the Summer sucks because everyone’s gone to the beach except tourists who stupidly vacation in Manhattan instead of also going to the beach. But that’s totally not true!

There’s plenty of cool stuff to do in New York this week, including a storefront installation from Jeff De Golier that opened today at FOUR A.M. Wendy White (pictured above) has a solo show of California-dreamin’ surf-inspired paintings (for those of you who are thinking longingly of the seashore) at Eric Firestone Loft. Wednesday, Xaviera Simmons unveils a new series of body-centric work at The Kitchen and Booth Gallery is (by happy coincidence) hosting a panel discussion on the future of figuration right afterwards. We’re looking at two group shows with big-name, smart artists at Team Gallery and Pace. Friday, The National Sculpture Conference kicks-off its three-day fest of all things sculpture, from figure sculpting classes to a supplies vendor fair on Saturday and 3D printing on Sunday. Friday night, take in a show all about children from Trevor Shimizu (there’s a Jessica Alba tribute!) and a group show at Lehmann Maupin featuring French-Algerian wunderkind Kader Attia alongside Tim Rollins & K.O.S. and Mickalene Thomas.

Saturday the Queens Museum promises to be “overrun by hoards of punks” for a celebration of all things Ramones, including a flea market. Then bounce down to Brooklyn for a group show at American Medium. But the real party happens Sunday, when a mysterious fest thrown by some very arty queers takes over a secret loft in Gowanus. If you’re not exhausted after that, be sure to check out Nancy Shaver’s solo show at Derek Eller—she makes diorama-like assemblages that make boxy grids fun again. And really, fun is the name of the game this week.

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Michelle Segre with Irena Jurek: On the Uncertain Impermanence of Driftloaf

by Irena Jurek on December 15, 2015
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Last month, Michelle Segre’s show Driftloaf closed at Derek Eller Gallery. The exhibition comprised brightly-painted loaves or slices of bread suspended on pediment-like found objects. They’re familiar but strange, and certainly pique one’s curiosity.

Irena Jurek sat down with Segre, and discussed the show.

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We Went to Chelsea: 27th Street

by The AFC Staff on January 23, 2013
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Sascha Braunig (Foxy Production) gives us reason to wonder whether op art should be spooky or bizarre; Thomas Barrow (Derek Eller Gallery) makes confused sculptures; and Michael Waugh (Winkleman Gallery) falls out of a boat.

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14 Shows You’ve Gotta See in April

by The AFC Staff on April 6, 2012
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Good artworks, like good bears, hibernate. For months, they can’t be found; but now, with the gradual lengthening of days, they’re poking their heads back out, and taking refuge in warming galleries.

But which?

Art Fag City is here to help. With the assistance of local guides and our own expertise, we’ve determined a few select locations where you may be fortunate enough to see good art in the wild. If you spot it, be sure to be quiet, and move slowly; good art is very easily frightened. Good luck!

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Rona Yefman and Martha Bourke at Derek Eller Gallery

by Whitney Kimball on December 7, 2011
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There is an elementary school exercise in which you identify your location in increments moving outward. The point of making this list, which sounds something like “I'm in my head, my chair, the classroom, the school building, the town, the state, etc,” is to prove that our knowledge is always limited by “my head” as its starting point, and “the universe” as its end. Rona Yefman's extensive documentation of aging transvestite Martha Bourke begets this sort of realization: no matter how intimate we become with each other, we'll never fully understand what's outside the self.

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Horror Hospital Unplugged at Derek Eller Gallery

by Whitney Kimball on October 24, 2011
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Why go to a gallery to see a graphic novel? In the case of Horror Hospital Unplugged at Derek Eller Gallery, we're given a larger picture than is offered by the book alone. As with any great graphic novel, artist Keith Mayerson and author Dennis Cooper understand the work as a visual and lyrical rhythm rather than a series of individual pages; the effect, when seen spread out in rows across three walls, is a transformation from linear narrative to a score of washes, scratches, and text.

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