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Recommended From Detroit: A Show About Artist Studios, Done Right

by Robin Dluzen on November 5, 2014
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It’s not a new idea to try and recreate the artist’s studio inside the gallery. “Material Affair,” though, fortunately proves that the idea can be carried out in a way that doesn’t fetishize the artistic process. “Material Affair” presents the artist’s studio not as a clichéd, Joyce Pensato-style, paint-splattered sanctuary, but alternately as a workshop, a storage facility, and a place of compiling and categorizing that contemporary, multidisciplinary artists will certainly find true to life.

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Committing to the Difficult Option: Donors Give $26.8 Million to DIA

by Henry Kaye on July 16, 2014
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There’s been talk about two of Detroit’s options to pay off its retiree pensions, one difficult and one ugly.

This Wednesday, in a demonstration that there is still an ample supply of good in the world, donors have shown their commitment to the difficult option instead of resigning to the ugly one.

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Tuesday Links: Unforseen Bounties

by Corinna Kirsch on December 17, 2013


  • Well-known horrible person George Zimmerman is selling his personal artwork on eBay … bidding has nearly topped $100,000. (Thanks, Joseph Beuys, for the constant reminder that anyone and everyone can be an artist.) [Vanity Fair]
  • Film Comment gives us their Top 50 films of the year. 2013: This year has given me just enough time to see two of these films. It’s been a year of busy blogging. [Film Comment]
  • WELL, THIS WAS UNEXPECTED: Detroit’s bankruptcy ruling will be appealed. [Detroit Free Press]
  • The Hugo Boss Prize gives a single artist $100,000 and a solo show at the Guggenheim. The 2014 finalists were announced last week, and we haven’t said much about it because, well, as the Times points out, the list isn’t full of too many surprises. [The New York Times]
  • Is the Internet like a “stream” or a wealth of “pages”? #metaphorproblems [The Atlantic]
  • What doth plague the House of Sotheby’s? Less than a full rotation of the moon has gone by since Sotheby’s Head of Contemporary Art Tobias Meyer left under a cloudy resignation. Perhaps to shed its former woes, new changes are abreast; Sotheby’s has hired Domenico De Sole (from luxury fashion retailers Tom Ford and Gucci) as the auction house’s Lead Independent Director. [Art Market Monitor]
  • New publication “The Artist as Curator” claims the history of artists is an “understudied phenomenon.” Really? Nobody else cared to write or talk about this until now? [The Artist as Curator]
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