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The Blockchain and Digital Art: On ascribe, and its New Form of Art Authentication

by Paddy Johnson and Rea McNamara on October 22, 2015
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Trying to understand blockchain technology is a bit like trying to wrap your head around the subprime mortgage crisis: It may take more than a lifetime to fully grasp the concepts. In a nutshell, the blockchain is a distributed database—think a living, breathing spreadsheet operating in real-time—that audits itself every ten minutes and can’t be tampered with. An entire bitcoin network, for instance, relies on the blockchain as a shared public ledger. Every transaction of the cryptocurrency then is unalterably recorded.

Turns out this is the equivalent of digital provenance, so it’s very important to art. We talked to ascribe, a company that is using Blockchain technology for art authentication and contracts.

While in Berlin, we had the chance to speak with their creative team—including co-founders Trent and Masha McConaghy—to get a better sense as to what exactly ascribe offers to artists, and delve further into how it plans to specifically address the ongoing issues around the ownership, loaning and consigning of digital art.

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Should Location Determine Artist Pay Grade?

by Corinna Kirsch on March 18, 2015
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Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.) and the online publication art-agenda have announced a payment tool for online commissions and digital artworks, set to debut this spring. Where you live might determine how much you should get paid.

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Digital Art’s First Auction

by Paddy Johnson on October 23, 2013
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This week at The L Magazine, I talk to Phillips auction attendees and market experts to try and gage the success of the first digital art auction, Paddles On. Based on what I heard, I’d guardedly call it a success.

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Who Benefits from Reselling Art Online?

by Corinna Kirsch on September 10, 2013
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While online edition companies have the potential to grow a market for digital art, how can reselling a work just months after purchase benefit an artist’s career?

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