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Monday Links!

by Paddy Johnson on October 17, 2011

  • Awesome. WFMU’s Radiovision Festival October 28-30th invites experts to discuss the future of radio in a digital age: DJ /rupture, Kenyetta Cheese, Ira Glass among the invites. [WFMU]
  • MoMA and Uniqlo team up to bring visitors limited edition art tees, to celebrate the Japanese clothing retailer’s new store on 53rd and 5th. Tees feature the work of emerging artists Matthew Brannon, Emily Roydson, Franklin Evans and more. [Interview]
  • An Occupy Wall Street kickstarter campaign aimed at creating more art Jon Stewart will laugh at! [Kickstarter]
  • Aquavella’s George Braque show gets a mostly positive review from Roberta Smith, despite being a relatively poor painter. Time to check out this show though so I can have a real opinion. [NYTimes]
  • R.C. Baker says DeKooning’s black and white paintings are tours de force. Um, no. They flatten out too easily, lacking the depth of similarly composed paintings by Paul-Émile Borduas. [Village Voice]
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