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SLIDESHOW: The Dachshund UN at Harbourfront

by Paddy Johnson on March 2, 2013
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36 Dachshunds of various size and shapes re-enact a meeting of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights at The Harbourfront Centre’s Enwave Theatre in Toronto through March 3rd. Yesterday, we added a livestream link to the performance art piece by Australian artist Bennett Miller to our links. Today, we’ve put together a few photos of the event so readers get a sense of it, along with a link to the best coverage I’ve seen so far. That comes comes courtesy of The Toronto Star, which naturally found an audience member willing to reflect on some of the performance high points. “Everybody got really excited when the dogs started humping,” Aram Collier told the paper yesterday.

Wish we were there for that! Notably, Pawsway, the pet museum and event center down the street, does not appear to be involved in this event.

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