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The Art F City Guide to the 2015 Armory Week Fairs

by Paddy Johnson and Corinna Kirsch on March 2, 2015
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Bad news for those planning to do anything other than look at art this week: Your week is fucked. It’s Armory Week, which for art professionals and lovers alike means a marathon of art-viewing practically guaranteed to hurt your eyes at some point. There’s treatment for these kinds of injuries, but the best advice we can offer is to simply be careful out there.

Don’t overdo it. Eat well. Get lots of rest. You’ll need it.

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A Hopeful Alternative to the Art Fairs? “Wish Meme” at the Old School

by Corinna Kirsch on May 8, 2013
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For the second year running, New York will host not just one, but two major art fair seasons within months of each other. Already fatigue seems to be the byword of choice for dealers, artists, and journalists faced with seeing the same, booth-friendly work throughout the year. For that reason, we look forward to the smaller shows that crop up in alternative spaces. “Wish Meme” dashed our expectations for a hopeful alternative to the blue-chip fairs.

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Your Guide to Armory Week

by Reid Singer on March 4, 2013
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Even though the hum around Armory week seems subdued this year, visiting half-a-dozen-plus art fairs can in a few days’ time can feel like a week on a Eurail pass. Naive outsiders are treated harshly, the food is unfamiliar and overpriced, and you spend a lot of time snooping around taking pictures. It’s useful to have an index that you can depend on to guide you towards the things that are worth seeing and away from the things that aren’t. A guidebook if you will. Here’s ours.

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Friday Links!

by Paddy Johnson on October 21, 2011

  • Rules for eating on a first date. [Eatocracy]
  • Not sure I understand what I’m reading, but CitiBank is considering investing in Sotheby’s [scribd via Galleristny]
  • To clarify, I did not publish the press release of a protest so that my friend could sell more art prints. [ArtInfo]
  • James Wagner likes Eve Sussman’s whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir [James Wagner]


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