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The Best of Art F City, 2015

by Rea McNamara on December 31, 2015
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Revisiting the ‘Simple Net Art Diagram’, reviewing an art fair’s virtual tour, calling out Georg Baselitz, breaking news on the USC MFA Class, and even bringing back nerdocracy. Readers, we truly feel a real sense of accomplishment for the stories we wrote in 2015, especially after amassing them in a ‘Best of’ list such as this. We not only paid artists to attend art fairs, but also investigated sexism is arts publishing and even had two Renaissance cosmetics experts dish on body hair removal. Who else publishes this shit? No one.

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Changes at Contemporary Art Daily: A Conversation with Founder Forrest Nash

by Paddy Johnson on July 22, 2015
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When I first met Forrest Nash he was wearing khakis. It was June 2009 in Venice, four months before Hyperallergic declared Khaki pant wearers amongst the most powerless—at least in the Lower East Side. I liked Nash immediately. He was smart, had a great eye, and was almost completely lacking in pretension. His knowledge of art was encyclopedic and at that point he’d only been running his blog Contemporary Art Daily for a year.

Contemporary Art Daily (CAD) is a curated website featuring extensive documentation of selected art exhibitions from around the world. There’s no one style the site gravitates towards, but the photographs on the site typically show art deliberately hung and arranged in interiors like gallery and museum spaces and include a range of installation and individual shots of the work.

Now updated 10 times a week and religiously followed by art professionals across the globe, the blog began with Nash in 2008, while he was still a student at The Contemporary Art Institute in Chicago. It has since grown. In addition to CAD site now includes Contemporary Art Venues, (a venue listing service) and Contemporary Art Quarterly (comprehensive documentation of an artist’s career). To make all this happen CAD now employs four full-timers including Nash. In 2012 the blog became a non-profit.

In short, a lot has happened over the past seven years, and a lot of his happened relatively recently.. Contemporary Art Quarterly was launched earlier this year and Nash moved from Chicago to California this summer. I wanted to get the full history on the site, so we sat down to talk.

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Bring Back the Nerdocracy

by Paddy Johnson and Corinna Kirsch on January 8, 2015
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The tide has changed for blog nerds. Tech is cool, but text is not.

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6 Must-See Discussions at Expo Chicago

by Paddy Johnson on September 13, 2013
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Expo Chicago launches next week and we’re already preparing. Here’s a list of discussions that will take place next week during the fair.

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Monday Links: Colossal Reads

by Paddy Johnson and Whitney Kimball on May 6, 2013

Jeff Koons stands in front of his masterpiece, the BMW.

  • New York Mag has a colossal profile on Jeff Koons, his fame, and his lack of respect. [NY Mag]
  • The Parsons Festival of talks, workshops, and openings is in full swing. We’re most likely to see the MFA Design and Technology Exhibition, which opens Wednesday night. [Parsons]
  • William Gibson was interviewed at New York Public Library (NYPL) by Paul Holdengraber. About half of artforum’s write up is dedicated to discussing Neuromancer. My favorite part of the interview though, comes at the end, when Gibson notes that the main brach’s basement looks like a “Difference Engine”. In a different time in my life I worked in the Exhibitions Department at the NYPL, which was located in said basement. We used to call it, “The Indiana Jones Wing” of the library, as you always had the feeling a giant ball of stone was about to chase you down the corridors. – PJ [ArtForum]
  • Vanity Fair has a colossal piece on the details of Facebook’s purchase of Instagram, which is so long that we’re reserving for next weekend. [Vanity Fair]
  • An infographic of common names in Great Britain. [Uncertainty of Identity]
  • We’reAboutToGetSwarmedWithAGiantHordeofCicadas aieee! [Gothamist]
  • Chicago Magazine has produced a version of Art F City’s STUFF for Contemporary Art Daily’s Forrest Nash. [Chicago Magazine]
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Art Fag City’s 2011 September Preview: Gallery Edition

by Art Fag City on September 6, 2011
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Who’s looking forward to sweating profusely this week at a bunch of crowded openings? I know I am! The question is, at which openings shall we sweat? I polled the AFC staff to come up with a few targets for the month. These are the results.

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