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In Our Masthead: Tom Moody

by Art Fag City on February 12, 2008

Tom Moody
, OptiDisc, animated GIF.

Tom Moody Biography

Tom Moody is an artist and musician based in New York City. His low-tech art made with simple paint programs, photocopiers, and/or consumer printers has been exhibited at artMovingProjects in New York as well as galleries and museums in the US, UK, and Europe. He is interviewed in the film /8 BIT/, a documentary about “chip” art and music, and his blog (, commenced in February 2001, was recommended in the 2005 /Art in America/ article “Art in the Blogosphere.” A CD of his music collaborations with earcon (John Parker) was released last year under the title /Scratch Ambulance/. Most recently his work appeared in “Bitmap: As Good As New” at vertexList Gallery in New York.

Masthead image: Tom Moody, OptiDisc (Fragment), 2008, animated GI

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