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We Went to Chelsea: There Are No Drones in Chelsea

by Henry Kaye Corinna Kirsch Andrew Wagner on July 10, 2014
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AFC Senior Editor Corinna Kirsch and Editorial Fellows Henry Kaye and Andrew Wagner give their takes on the industrial-themed summer group show at David Zwirner and Louise Lawler’s tracings of photographs at Metro Pictures.

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September Preview Week: Outlying Art Events You Need To See

by Whitney Kimball on September 6, 2012
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Though there’s too much to possibly visit in Chelsea alone, at least a few events in Brooklyn, Soho, and Uptown should make your must-see list. Creative Time’s sent some art to space, the Brooklyn Museum is organizing hundreds of open studios across the borough, and at least one event requires 3-D glasses. Also this month, check out shows at Marian Goodman, Tibor de Nagy, Venus Over Manhattan, the Swiss Institute, and Gavin Brown.

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“Gerhard Richter Painting” Is Mostly Gerhard Richter Painting

by Reid Singer on April 4, 2012
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How do you make a documentary about abstract painting? When your subject strives for the indescribable, the normal tools of narration and interview become glaringly imperfect; I sympathize with any journalist who feels a sense of futility in the face of a work of art whose emotive power might be ineffable. This includes Corinna Belz, whose film “Gerhard Richter Painting” relies very little on interviews and stated history, and very heavily on long shots of the artist painting in his studio.

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Monday Links: #GIFs #MetaGramCity #Naznecromancers

by Paddy Johnson on March 12, 2012

  • A rabbit hole almost impossible to exit: TVTrope’s entry on Walt Disney’s Anne Frank. The movie doesn’t actually exist—though Variety reported in 2009 that Disney got the rights to a new stage rendition written and directed by David Mamet—but if it did, it would *very* loosely based on the same named book and would include a three talking animal sidekicks, a Nazi necromancer Femme Fatale, and a Happily Ever After ending. Naturally the list of tropes indexing this entry is five times as long as the stub. [TVTropes]
  • I’ve got a longer post on this in the queue, so get ready for more thoughts on PBS’s GIF special. Tom Moody got a few words in early. [Tom Moody]
  • The Knight Foundation is generously funding ARTLURKER’s Miami Writer’s Prize. The Miami Writer's Prize is open to any resident of Miami-Dade County who is not already on ARTLURKER's roster and/or has not had more than three art -related texts published in print. [ARTLURKER]
  • Last night I made a video of a GIF of a RT of a RT of a Tumble of a Pinterest of a Instagram of a Instagram of a Instagram of a Tweet of a Google Search. Soundtrack: Tron. The video already has two dislikes and miraculously, 50 views. Miss Galperina, I believe it’s your move. [Youtube]
  • In other bones Salmon picks, he’s no fan of MoMA’s “Foreclosed Exhibition”. A good read. [Architect]
  • Happy Birthday Elaine de Kooning. [Artnet]
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Armory Show Bingo: The More Things Change…

by Will Brand on March 9, 2012
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Good news: your Armory Bingo cards from last year are apparently still valid. Without changing a single square, we had Bingo within half an hour of walking in the door. The basic trend for Armory Show art—stuff cats like, like mirrors and motion and bright lights—is alive and well, and a few of last year’s micro-trends managed some unexpected longevity. We break down how well each trend square did this year, with pictures.

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