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Best of AFC: Summer Edition

by The AFC Staff on August 30, 2013
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Did you beach too hard and forget to read this summer? Fear not, art lovers, for we bring you the second annual AFC Best of Summer list. We’ve brought together the blog’s greatest summer hits from staff and contributors, because, let’s face it, you might have missed out on days or weeks of AFC when you were traveling to Venice, Basel, or closer to home, the Rockaways. We’ve published some great artist essays with our STUFF series, started our “Diary of a Mad Gallery Owner” series, and continued to bring you reviews and opinion pieces. Enjoy.

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Creative Time’s 2013 Sandcastle Competition in Photos

by Whitney Kimball and Ian Marshall on August 12, 2013
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On Friday, Creative Time staked out a small plot of Rockaway Beach, attracting a small crowd and a dense flock of boom mics to its second annual Sandcastle Competition. There was so much press, in fact, that “Who are you writing for?” was a pretty reasonable introduction. From there, conversations migrated towards photo strategies and documentation.

That’s because it’s well worth documenting the shit out of this event; good sandcastles make for a full-day artist pageant and a manifesto for teamwork.

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The Week’s Must-See Art Events: The Nutty Performers

by The AFC Staff on August 5, 2013


Get ready for some seriously awesome transformative art works and avant garde film footage! For a taste of how weird this week is gonna get: Klaus von Nichtssagend becomes a pond, the Bruce High Quality Foundation does “CATS,” and there’ll be footage of the Tompkins Square Park riot at the New Museum. Plus, a whole lot of C. Spencer Yeh.

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A Hopeful Alternative to the Art Fairs? “Wish Meme” at the Old School

by Corinna Kirsch on May 8, 2013
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For the second year running, New York will host not just one, but two major art fair seasons within months of each other. Already fatigue seems to be the byword of choice for dealers, artists, and journalists faced with seeing the same, booth-friendly work throughout the year. For that reason, we look forward to the smaller shows that crop up in alternative spaces. “Wish Meme” dashed our expectations for a hopeful alternative to the blue-chip fairs.

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Recommended GO Brooklyn Studio: Ghost Of A Dream

by The AFC Staff on September 7, 2012
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Ghost of a Dream came close to landing a spot as a top finalist in last year’s ArtPrize, the art voting contest in Michigan which GO appears to be closely based on. Their popular appeal makes them a likely candidate for making it into the final rounds of GO voting. People like them: they do color and design well, and they turn regular things into fancy things. Those are things most people like, and they’re not too hard to figure out.

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