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Links! Ice Cube and the Secret Leonardo; Nut Balls

by Will Brand on December 8, 2011

  • Ice Cube waxes about the Eameses in a promo video for Pacific Standard Time. Museum PR departments: this is how you do it. [YouTube]
  • Carolina Miranda’s written  a great introduction to the current wave of institutional critique – Bruces, Powhida, Dalton, Youngman, etc.  Hey, just an observation – these guys are all either Twitter-famous or YouTube-famous. When do we get to seriously institutionally critique Twitter or YouTube? [ARTnews]
  • One of Vasari’s frescos in Florence might be a victim of the celebrity cult he himself started; it’s getting tiny holes drilled in it to search for Leonardo’s Battle of Anghiari[NY Times]
  • Greg Allen found John Cage’s recipe for “nut balls”, whatever those are. []
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