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Monday Links: Tough Times for Tumblr

by Rhett Jones on July 25, 2016


  • Tumblr artists take note. Verizon is set to buy Yahoo, Tumblr’s parent company, for the bargain basement price of $4 billion. Changes are expected and no service is safe, so make sure to back up any artwork. [The Verge]
  • Hans Ulrich-Obrist’s latest project has reportedly run into trouble. The Shanghai Project, a multi-disciplinary biennial that Obrist was organizing with Yongwoo Lee has been reimagined as a community-based event rather than art exhibition. Reports of scheduling, funding, staffing and bureaucratic difficulties have plagued the project for months. [The Art Newspaper]
  • The New Yorker takes a dive into the mysterious circumstances surrounding the archives of the conceptual architect Luis Barragán. Following his death in 1988, the archives were sold and have been held in a Swiss bunker ever since. [New Yorker]
  • The net artist Guthrie Lonergan has installed a new work on the Hammer Museum’s website and it has made visitors baffled, delighted and angry. The museum has put together some messages they’ve received over the last six weeks along with an interview with Guthrie about the work. [Hammer Museum]
  • Edward Snowden has collaborated with hardware hacker Andrew “Bunnie” Huang to design a cell-phone case for journalists and other people who may be tracked by malicious forces. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world but it’s far better than Snowden’s music video. [Fast Company]
  • Have to say that this James Turrell takeover of a memorial church in Berlin is great. It’s like the nightmare funeral scenes in Heathers made sublime. [The Creator’s Project]
  • U.S. Congressman John Lewis has won the prestigious Eisner award for the second volume of his graphic novel memoir, “March.” Done in collaboration with illustrator Nate Powell and co-writer Andrew Aydin, the series chronicles Lewis time in the American civil rights struggle. [The Guardian]
  • Bushwick will be a major pain in the ass in a few years. MTA officials have voted to shut down the L train for 18 months straight. The scheduled maintenance won’t begin until 2019 but this can’t possibly be good for local businesses or galleries. [DNAinfo]
  • Alanna Heiss recently gave a shout out to Laurie Anderson’s criticism from the early 1970’s, so ArtNews decided to collect some capsule reviews that Anderson wrote for them. Capsule reviews are a tough format and Anderson mostly sticks to a style of quick impressionistic description that’s light on opinion. [ArtNews]
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Tuesday Links!

by Paddy Johnson on October 11, 2011

  • Kanye West’s golden grill visits #occupywallstreet. Foster Kamer reports. [Observer]
  • Poorer communities not getting nearly the amount of arts funding they need as reported by um, FOX NEWS? [Jesus] [Associated Press]
  • I feel like I’ve read this same Cory Arcangel profile at least five times in different publications. This one comes in advance of his Pro Tools at Lisson Gallery in London. [The Guardian]
  • Why young mothers are choosing to eat their placenta. [NYMag]
  • The Arava Review launches its latest issue, which is full of a lot of great photography and poetry. [The Arava Review]
  • So, in short, London art dealer Jay Joplin comes from money, gets along well with artists and is good at selling art to rich people. Enlightening [The Guardian]
  • Revisited Guthrie Lonergan’s website and was reminded how moving this Acapella piece is in its emptiness. Lonergan explores the banality of the web. [Age of Mammals]
  • No mobile exhibition is complete without kicking unicorns and sausages. Copy and paste this url into your phone to view. [Lorna Mills and Sally McKay]
  • Jean Michel Jarre discovers the zoom function in a video room and applies it to his face. [youtube]
  • Potluck Thursday 8pm at Flux Factory! [Flux Factory]
  • Tomorrow at Pratt University I will be giving a talk that maps my key points career path to online dating websites at Myrtle Hall Room 4E-3 (4th floor – dda lecture hall). 12:45 pm. Please come.


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IMG MGMT: gRAdIeNtBOW-2-your-masters

by Petra Cortright on August 3, 2009

â— â•­ â•® ╯ â•° ╱ ╲ ╳ â•­ â•® ╯ â•° ╱ ╳ ╳◠◡◢▣ â—¤ â–¥ â–® â–¯ â—˜ â—« â— â— â—¬ â–µ â—• â–¼ â–°â•­ â•® ╯ â•° ╱ ╲ ╳ â•­ â•® ╯ â•° ╱ ╳ ╳ â–¾ â–© â–ª â–· â—£ â–£ â—¤ â–¥ â–® â–¯ â—˜ â—‚â—  â—¬ â–§ â–© â–ª â—Ž […]

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In Our Masthead: Guthrie Lonergan

by Art Fag City on July 16, 2007

Guthrie Lonergan, (Myspace profile), 2006.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Guthrie Lonergan’s work approaches home computing as pop culture. He questions his own excitement for the freedom of DIY culture — specifically the democratic spirit of the Internet — highlighting the web’s most mundane personal content to create work that feels both refreshingly humble and depressingly dismal. He focuses on the preset defaults of consumer-level technology (iPhoto slideshows, YouTube videos, etc.), and how these establish a foundation of banality for home-made culture. Relying on these presets, he approaches the Internet from the most basic user’s perspective. His role is half artist, half Internet surfer. His most current work can be seen on his new web log, where he is looking at Rock n’ Roll in the age of MP3s and the similarities between home-made content and commercial stock footage. Most of his work is exhibited on his website, He is also a founding member of the Nasty Nets Internet Surfing Club.

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