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I Feel Your Pain

Endless Love: Liz Magic Laser’s “I Feel Your Pain”

by Whitney Kimball on November 15, 2011
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The close of Liz Magic Laser's performance Sunday night generated what was likely the most awkward applause I've ever heard: clap. clapclapclap. clapclap. clap? Incapacitated by self-awareness, the audience seemed unsure of when their applause should end, and even less sure of when it should have begun. It was a victory for Liz Magic Laser’s thorough examination of viewer complicity and the media circus.

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Performa Picks: First Two Weeks

by Whitney Kimball on October 28, 2011
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The Performa Biennial, a city-wide series of performances commissioned by the Performa Institute, returns this year with a line-up that is chock-full of private and public performance, song and dance, classes, lectures, experimental comedy, and a rap joust. Among Performa 11’s themes are language, politics, sculpture, Russian Constructivism, and Fluxus. The schedule, which runs from November 1st-20th, includes a hefty handful of reputed performance artists, choreographers, and comedians, so you'll want to start booking those tickets now; hence, dear readers, we did some legwork and made a list of picks for you. Here are the events we recommend for this week and next.

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