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This Week’s Must See Events: The Biennials Are Upon Us

by Paddy Johnson on March 4, 2014
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If fair overload doesn’t kill you this week, the events will. Get ready for the Whitney Biennial, the Last Brucennial, and a throwdown show by Anthony Antonellis at Transfer this weekend. Don’t count on sleeping this week.

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Museums Are Cool, Too: 16 Shows to See This Summer

by Julia Wolkoff on July 18, 2013
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Summer is here, and it’s hot. If going to the beach sounds painful, we’ve got a suggestion: museums. Thankfully, the air conditioned galleries of New York’s museums have plenty of worthwhile shows to check out. (Just don’t try to go to the rooftop gallery at the Met; they’ve closed that today due to the heat.) Below, we’ve rounded up a whopping list of 16 fantastic museum shows we’re going to check out.

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Wednesday Links: Running Up an Escalator

by Paddy Johnson on May 29, 2013

"Intercourses" still from Jesper Just's installation at Danish Pavilion. Image via: The New York Times

  • Canadian artist Shary Boyle had the National Gallery’s help this year in fundraising for her pavilion, which cost 1.5 Million. That’s pretty cheap—the United States would not even disclose how much was spent on their Pavilion in 2011—and that’s evidenced by their opening, which will host…a cash bar? Canadian culture does not yet understand the power of philanthropy. [The Globe and Mail]
  • After 20 years, Paul McCarthy’s goat finally got tired of being dry-humped. The sculpture’s motor died two weeks ago. [In The Air]
  • Andrew Russeth may see more art than Jerry Saltz. He’s recommending the ICP’s Triennial, therefore I will go see it. [Gallerist]
  • Artist Rirkrit Tiravanjia on Art Basel Hong Kong. “When bankers get together they talk about art,” he said. “When artists get together, they talk about money.” So, this is the state of the blue chip art world; removed from reality. [Bloomberg]
  • Andrew Goldstein interviews Jesper Just on his new multi-channel film installation at the Danish Pavilion. Just uses a replica city of Paris, located just outside the Chinese city of Hangzhou as his subject. We gave Just’s show at Nicolai Wallner a mixed review when we visited Copenhagen last year, so we’re looking forward to seeing what he does in Venice. Interestingly, the artist collaborated with the New York-based design firm Project Projects to produce an accompanying graphic campaign for “Intercourses” that will run online and as posters in the cities of New York, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Paris and Shanghai [ArtSpace]
  • A brilliant metaphor: Running up that escalator. [The Medium]
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