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SnagFilms Greats According to Art F City

by Paddy Johnson on September 17, 2013
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Snagfilms believes you should have free access to their carefully curated library of movies, and that’s amazing. If you’re looking for an offbeat documentary, a film critic’s favorite, or simply a list of AFC-approved movies, you’re in luck. Snagfilms gives you all that in their social media friendly archive. Using their tools, we put together a collection of our own we recommend on Snagfilms. You can start watching them for free now! Take a look:

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Peter Nadin is an Art Press Magnet

by Paddy Johnson on July 5, 2011
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Gavin Brown seems to attract compelling narratives. Last fall, no one could shut up about Rob Pruitt’s come back. This summer, we’re all talking about the gallery’s Peter Nadin show (on view through July 30), another artist with a come back story for the ages. As the story goes, Nadin ran a gallery with Christopher D'Arcangelo in the 80’s until disputes over management dissolved the partnership. Following this, the artist suffered a nervous breakdown which according to the Times, “caused Nadin to begin seeing the world in a fundamentally different way.”

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