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ONLINE PREMIERE: “Ways of Something – Episode 3”

by Paddy Johnson on January 30, 2017
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With John Berger’s death this month, the online premiere of Lorna Mills’ “Ways of Something, 3” feels particularly poignant. While Mills’s “Ways of Something” wasn’t conceived strictly as an update, as 117 person re-interpretation it effectively functions as such. To complete this piece, Mills invited over 100 artists to remake all four parts of Berger’s 1972 BBC series “Ways of Seeing”, minute by minute. Each artist was given 60 seconds of video—doled out on a first come first serve basis—with the sole condition that they would need to retain the text used in captioning. What they did to the captioning font, the visuals, the sound, was entirely up to them.

The result is almost certainly the largest video exquisite corpse in existence. Similar to the first Surrealist conceived exquisite corpse drawings, where each half is made blind of the other, each artist creates a minute without knowing what will come before or after it.

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“When the Cat’s Away, Abstraction” Offers a Candy Store Gleefully Blown to Bits

by RM Vaughan on May 2, 2016
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Sometimes you happen upon an exhibition that is so bang-on in its intent and presentation that all you can do is stand back and admire its charms. Such is the lucky fate of anyone who wanders into “When The Cat’s Away, Abstraction”, a new group show highlighting works that begin from digital sources and end in traditional commodities.

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The Week’s Must-See Art Events: The Nutty Performers

by The AFC Staff on August 5, 2013


Get ready for some seriously awesome transformative art works and avant garde film footage! For a taste of how weird this week is gonna get: Klaus von Nichtssagend becomes a pond, the Bruce High Quality Foundation does “CATS,” and there’ll be footage of the Tompkins Square Park riot at the New Museum. Plus, a whole lot of C. Spencer Yeh.

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Newsletter Subscriber Tidings: Our Lucky Winners Announced!

by Whitney Kimball on August 4, 2011
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Last week, we promised to award our twentieth new newsletter subscriber with his or her choice of the AFC T-Shirt, our Sound of Art Album, or a pack of Ryan Trecartin-inspired tattoos. Newsletter subscribers are also automatically entered in our monthly raffle to win a studio visit or gallery crawl with Paddy Johnson. Now to announce our winners!

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