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The Art World is Crumbling, but We Have Chromatic Dinosaurs

by Corinna Kirsch on February 8, 2012
  • Walmart is full of evil; they’re screwing with Miami Basel. [Artnet]
  • Carol Vogel writes about the Met like it’s fallen into a doomsday scenario: “the fountains are leaking, the sidewalk is crumbling, and the trees are dying.” [The New York Times]
  • Junk Jet just released its newest issue about all things “net-heart!”. You can see most of the issue on Junk Jet‘s Flickr; and it includes essays and images by a “who’s who” list of net-aware writers, curators, and artists like Nicholas O’BrienArtie VierkantRafaël Rozendaal, and Bea Fremderman. Oh, and it includes an essay by our Editor-in-Chief, Will Brand. <3333s! [Junk Jet]
  • One of our Associate Editors, Whitney Kimball has an expert’s eye for painting. Here, she reviews Sarah McEneaney’s show at Tibor de Nagy. [New American Paintings]
  • Facebook won’t allow its users to post photos that show breast feeding. Moms are mad; protests have been happening outside of Facebook offices worldwide. [Tiny Nibbles]
  • You Tube’s full of hidden goodies. It’s not just funny puppies and cute kitties – or cute puppies and funny kitties; it has oodles of early computer animation to sift through. Not to be too hipster in my choice of subject matter, but Chromosaurus, a mesmerizing video of shiny dinosaurs, is a great place to start exploring the corners of early CGI. [YouTube]
  • According to this lawsuit, porn can’t be copyrighted. [Torrent Freak]
  • Andrew Andrew, one of our nominees for the AFCRPAAaA*, give a feisty video review of the downtown theater scene, chock full of banter ranging from what ants eat for dinner to sticking a dick in a plant. [Paper]
  • Many thanks to another one of our AFCRPAAaA* awards nominees, Adam Lindemann, who just gave AFC a new tagline: “What you do is great, if somewhat misguided.” Yes, these are words of wisdom. [Twitter]
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