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True or False: If It’s Not Interactive It’s Broken

by Paddy Johnson on April 25, 2011
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A while back I penned a contentious post entitled “Taking Stock of Art Making in the Age of “I’m a Child of The Internet”. I wrote then that I didn’t believe describing oneself as an “internet native” qualified as describing one’s artistic practice. I still don’t, but as I discovered six months ago there are plenty of people who disagree. The most recent comes from Kevin Kelly, who last week on The Technium offered three anecdotes shared by friends:

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Massive Links! Internets Edition

by Paddy Johnson on April 22, 2011
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This week in Massive Links: GIFs now high brow according to the Atlantic! Also, the magazine does us the favor of locating all the bad public art in the country. Was this really necessary? Dealer and Entrepreneur Jen Bekman waxes on art as does star curator and non-profit director Dan Cameron. Contrary to 20×200 business model, Kevin Kelly thinks sharing will eventually trump ownership in the cloud.

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