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Another Info-Binge Show: Report on the Construction of a Spaceship Module

by Whitney Kimball on February 19, 2014
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Encyclopedic curating surges on.

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Two Sevenths of Seven on Seven

by Anthony Espino on April 23, 2012
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“Artists are the ones who are here to… explain what the technologists are doing, or at least contextualize, and make this [work] make sense,” exclaimed public intellectual and technology writer Douglas Rushkoff in his opening keynote on Saturday at Rhizome's Seven on Seven. Now in its third year, the art and technology conference pairs seven artists with seven technologists. They're given 24 hours to collaborate, and a lot of hyperbole to live up to.

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Enough With Dude-Centric Net Art Shows

by Paddy Johnson on April 17, 2012
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I’m getting tired of seeing listings for dude-dominated digital art shows. Just to count what I’ve seen in the last month: The USB Show, at Paris’s Le Point Éphémère two weeks ago, invited one woman artist to participate out of 21; Astral Projection Abduction Fantasy, which ran from February 23rd to March 23rd in Dublin, included three women out of 29 artists; and the April 12th BYOB show, in Milan, only included 9 women out of 42 invited artists. These shows might as well be Lilith Fair, though, relative to the worst recent offender, Dotcom, a show organized by the anonymous collective BSNP at the Centre d’Art Bastille in France. That group show runs through June 10th and includes no women at all.

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Frieze Magazine | Archive | Down the Line

by Paddy Johnson on August 29, 2011

Frieze Magazine | Archive | Down the Line – “When art institutions note how many Facebook friends or Twitter followers they have, I fear they are missing the point…At the moment, institutions are relatively silent amidst conversations online, when it would really be so helpful to have staff (directors, curators, educators) be conversant outside of […]

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Survival In New York: An Interview With Lauren Cornell

by Paddy Johnson on November 4, 2010
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The fifth interview in a series of posts examining what it means to survive in New York. I spoke with Executive Director of Rhizome and Adjunct Curator at The New Museum Lauren Cornell over the telephone on this subject. Her show Free, is currently on view at The New Museum. Other interviews in this series include those with artist Marcin Ramocki, curator and Prospect Non-Profit Director Dan Cameron Shelly Bancroft and Peter Nesbett of Triple Candie, a non-profit gallery located in Harlem, and artist William Powhida. A full piece reflecting on these interviews is available in this month's issue of Map Magazine.

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In Our Masthead: The Art Handling Olympics

by A.L. Steiner + Z Drucker on February 2, 2010

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The Art Handling Olympics

Calling all art handlers! The Art Handling Olympics wants you! Register your team of four on their website and go head to head with New York City’s best, Sunday March 21st. The first competition of its kind, The Art Handling Olympics (AHO) celebrates the art world’s unsung heroes. These are the people who figure out how to fit over-sized sculptures into undersized elevators, find the straight line in a crooked paintings on slanted walls and eat the double park ticket so clients don’t have to! This March we find out who the best in the business really are.

Competition founder Shane Caffrey says he’s pleased with AHO’s response thus far, and enjoys the team names handlers have come up with. “My favorite is “Well Hung” he told me through a bit of laughter. Knowing there’s a “Special Delivery” portion to the competition makes me think that group will need to bring a little more to the table for the win though. Nobody’s dick is going to drive a truck.

I’m told the competition is still selecting judges, so I’m taking the liberty of offering up a few suggestions of people I’d like to see participate. In no particular order those are: Mary Boone (dealer), Jeffrey Deitch (dealer), Jerry Saltz (critic, former trucker), Andrea Rosen (dealer), Brian Alfred (artist), Sue Schaffner (artist), Cynthia Yardley (artist + Atelier 4′s art fair and expo co-ordinator), Lauren Cornell, (Executive Director of Rhizome and Adjunct Curator for the New Museum).

*The Art handling Olympics is an event founded by Shane Caffrey, and brought to you by Ted Riederer, Nick Brooks, Hiro Sato, and Jay Ivcevich. Together they are the Olympic Committee.

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