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Mark Leckey Made Me Hardcore at MoMA PS1

by Emily Colucci on November 11, 2016
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It’s hard not to see any art through the lens of politics this week. Trump’s unexpected victory leaves little space for anything else–nearly any experience has a surreal quality to it.

I’m not going to say I don’t find this disruptive to the critical process. The context of evaluating art has changed. What was relevant seems useless post-Trump. But since there’s no way around it, I’ve decided to embrace it. In the case of Mark Leckey’s Containers and Their Drivers at MoMA PS1, I found his career-long satirical engagement with technology amusing on Monday. Today, though, three days after the American people decided to press the country’s self-destruct button, I’m left wondering if the show even weathered this sudden change in perspective.

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“Hardworking People”: An Interview With Documentary Filmmaker Woody Morris

by Leighann Morris on September 24, 2014
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A peculiar 1986 protest involving a nest of bees and parade of sheep prompted filmmaker Woody Morris to investigate a lost turf war between a working class community and international banks on Canary Wharf. The result, “Hardworking People”, is a Jeremy Deller-esque documentary about the radicalization of a blue collar community, and conservative rhetoric, which seems more relevant than ever.

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Monday Links: Life and Death Edition

by Paddy Johnson on April 8, 2013

  • Former Brit PM Margaret Thatcher died. She did not have many liberal fans. [The Internet]
  • City Paper’s Baynard Woods scoops me on my own thoughts about Baltimore’s gallery scene, a mere hours after I arrived. It’s well worth a trip down there. [City Paper]
  • Time Out Chicago laid off Lauren Weinberg this week. That’s bad news for Chicago, which now has no full time art critics. Here’s hoping New York’s best critic, Howard Halle, doesn’t suffer from the same woes. He’s at Time Out NY. [Bad at Sports]
  • Eric Fischl will release a memoir titled “Bad Boy”. The book is due out May 7th. [Page Six]
  • Why investing in the arts is an economic imperative. [The Globe and Mail]
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