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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Let’s Get Real

by Corinna Kirsch and Whitney Kimball on January 13, 2014
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If the economy has given us one gift in the emerging art world, it’s a lot of activities involving sweatbands and opportunities for cheap dates. This week is no different.

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How’s My Dealing Makes An Enemy

by Leighann Morris on July 25, 2012
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How’s My Dealing, the infamous blog for art-dork insiders, has a new vocal critic, Stop How’s My Dealing. Stop How’s My Dealing’s anonymous author is crying foul at the blog’s nastier anonymous commenters, and wants to do away with all the bad energy by blacklisting artist (and rumored How’s My Dealing founder) Martin Bromirski.

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The Banality Bubble at The Armory Show

by Paddy Johnson on March 9, 2012
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Halfway through The Armory Show I was so bored I was composing headlines with the words “skip it”, and yet by the end of the day a jubilance filled the air as dealers started to report strong sales. Are we in another art bubble?

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Not Miami Fairs: Martin Bromirski’s White Columns Slide Registry

by Art Fag City on December 8, 2007

Screengrab AFC Ouch! After observing the effective shut down of White Column’s slide registry for emerging artists under the tenor of Matthew Higgs, artist Martin Bromirski decided to update his work. Presumably in response the director’s statement “I don’t sympathize with empowerment, survival, battle, frustration and struggle” and “my practice as a curator is largely […]

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Art Blogs: Part Two of Two

by Art Fag City on November 2, 2007

Image AFC  Yesterday, Kriston Capps started a meme about art blogging prompted by a recent interview of bloggers in Art in America by Peter Plagens.  For those who are just tuning in, part one of this series can be read here.  I’ve conducted the second half of this “interview” below, and asked the following bloggers […]

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