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IMG MGMT: Freddie and St. Cosmas

by Jaimie Warren on July 14, 2016
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These images are pulled from my personal database of thousands of saved jpgs, gifs and video clips from Internet memes, pop culture, and art history, collected over a ten-year period. Deceased saints and celebrities, horror movie victims and victims of plague, pop culture monsters and cartoon characters form a cast of silly and somber subjects who cameo in my large-scale community reenactments of art history.

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Must Like Loud: Neal Medlyn’s Explosive Seven Part Opus 

by Paddy Johnson on February 2, 2015
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When a performer spends several nights grinding his dick in your face for art, you want to find something good to say about the performance. It takes a lot of guts to put your junk out there, let alone create a seven part opus. That’s especially true in the case Neal Medlyn’s uneven performance marathon “Pop Star Series: The 2015 Emerald Edition,” which ran over the course of three days at the American Realness festival. Throughout the course of his pop-star based series, I watched Medlyn’s dick fly out of beaded candy briefs, hump a staircase, and air grind through saggy white underwear.

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Lorraine O’Grady: Unnatural Attitudes

by Alana Chloe Esposito on May 8, 2012
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Lorraine O'Grady is engaging audiences across the spectrum of Manhattan cultural institutions these days, sharing her insights as a conceptual artist and cultural critic. She’s at MoMA, at Performa, at the Whitney Biennial, at the Studio Museum, and at Alexander Gray. We spent some time looking—and listening—to find out what why she’s having such a moment.

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