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Thursday Links: Another Top 100 List

by Paddy Johnson Whitney Kimball and Corinna Kirsch on April 24, 2014

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  • Time’s “100 Most Important People” is out. Sheikha al-Mayassa Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani has been dubbed “important” because she’s really rich, collects lots of art, and will make some of it available for view to the public. The piece was written by Takashi Murakami, who barely speaks English. Looks like the magazine found a translator. The other bullshit art entry is Marina Abramovic, with a write up by James Franco. Barack Obama does the write up for Pope Francis but also gets his own entry. [TIME]
  • Sotheby’s expects pre-tax loss of $6 million for first quarter 2014, an improvement on $32 million loss for first quarter 213. Where exactly are they losing money? The press release doesn’t say. [Benzinga]
  • Say goodbye to net neutrality. The F.C.C. has shifted its position and now supports an Internet with fast lanes and slow lines for web traffic. You can expect more from us on this today. [The New York Times]
  • Chelsea real-estate woes continue, this time on 26th Street. Tony Shafrazi, Lehmann Maupin, and Stephen Haller will lose their entire building to developers who plan to bulldoze it in order to make a “130,000-square-foot commercial, office, community facility space.” [Gallerist]
  • Bushwick will get a new art fair, the NEWD Art Show, at 592 Johnson Avenue. It’s set to run May 30 – June 1. [Hyperallergic]
  • Art, fashion, and Michelle Obama:

Michelle Obama will cut the ribbon on Anna Wintour’s Costume Center at the Met on May 5 (morning of Met ball)

— John Koblin (@koblin) April 23, 2014

  • Speculation over whether Art Cologne and other EU-based art fairs are slowly suffering from fewer tax breaks for art dealers. [Euronews]
  • A portable masturbation hut. [Reddit]
  • Yes! Now we can watch untold hours of British newsreels, thanks to the archive British Pathé, which has uploaded its entire archive of 85,000 films on YouTube. The featured video is of Arnold Schwarzenegger winning the Mr. Universe contest. [YouTube, h/t The Baffler]
  • Is Detroit “the new Brooklyn”? ArtINFO interviews Jane Shulak, the founder of the Culture Lab Detroit Conference, a summit on building Detroit’s cultural industry. [BLOUIN ArtINFO]
  • Three years after getting assaulted by police, OWS protestor and journalist has gotten a $55,000 settlement from the city. [ANIMAL]
  • Omg! The Andy Warhol Museum has uncovered new Warhols, which were made on the Amiga computer program, and to this point trapped on floppy disks. They have been liberated. Here’s a video of him painting Debbie Harry. [The Warhol Museuml]
  • Even more mystery art has been unearthed. A “virtually unknown portrait” by Gustav Klimt will be unveiled in May. Alas, “The identity of the sitter remains a mystery.” [The Art Newspaper]
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