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Friday Links: Go Team Art!

by Whitney Kimball on March 15, 2013

  • Time to come to grips with ArtCat’s death. Nothing will replace the weekly listing service that was once the wellspring for certain authors of weekly art events posts. But long live Art Haps! [ArtHaps]
  • Shut up, internet. Digg’s making a Google Reader alternative, and it should be up and running when Google’s shuts down. [Digg]
  • In the Salvador Dali show’s final lap at the Pompidou, the museum plans to stay open 24/7 to try and beat its own attendance record, still held by its last Dali show in 1979. The show is currently at 800,000 visitors and will need to push hard for an extra 40,601 to beat the record. A-RT! A-RT!  [ARTinfo, Liberation]
  • Another blockbuster-premised show at the Museum of Moving Image, this time on music videos. We’ll be lining up with the rest of you. [NYT/MoMI]
  • We didn’t realize artist talk tickets were such a hot commodity, but liking or tweeting an Artlog article makes you eligible to win tickets to see Danh Vo talk at the Guggenheim.  Vo will be discussing his recent piece We The People, in which he splits a replica of the Statue of Liberty into 400 parts and ships it all over the world. The Guggenheim sweetened the deal by adding artist and activist historian Julie Ault, co-founder of Group Material, and Peter Broda, cofounder of the Museum of American Graffiti. [Artlog]
  • The above photo, ripped from Great Artists’ Mews. []
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