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Monday Links: Four Men Wrestle a Bear

by Paddy Johnson and Corinna Kirsch on October 27, 2014
Image courtesy Petal Dee via Deviantart.

Image courtesy PetalDee via DeviantART

  • Four men attempt to wrestle a bear. Lesson learned? Bears are great wrestlers. [YouTube]
  • Just what we needed—another art fair. Independent Projects opens November 6, in just over a week. It’s held in the old Dia building, site of the Independent fair held in the spring. Expect solo booths from a motley bunch of dealers ranging from Bushwick’s’ finest to Upper East Side mainstays like Gagosian. [Independent Projects]
  • If you care about other people’s personal lives, the Internet has a story for you! Famous CBC host Jian Ghomeshi claims he was fired because of his private BDSM lifestyle. Is this the next level of discrimination? Add a vengeful ex-girlfriend to the mix and we have 50 Shades of Grey meets Gone Girl. [Facebook]
  • Look, we don’t know what happened, really. However, according to the Toronto Star, three women 20 years his junior have come forward over the last few months claiming that Ghomeshi forced them to engage in nonconsensual, violent sex. [Toronto Star]
  • A lesson in public shaming (and one of our favorite reads from over the weekend): Monica Lewinsky pens an insightful essay that brings up an important question. Where were all the feminists when she was dragged out in front of the press? [Vanity Fair]
  • According to OkCupid, people in Montana, Oregon, and Wisconsin take fewer showers than anyone else using the dating site. [Slate]
  • The sexy ebola nurse costume. Happy Halloween! [brandsonsale]
  • Can video games fend off mental decline? The research is unclear. [The New York Times]
  • What is hipster photography? Marco Bohr provides a fascinating and detailed description. Typically, the genre depicts people who look happy and carefree and are often joined by others who look the same. These people are young, good looking, and often white. They are almost never in suits. Perhaps most interesting, though, is that Bohr observes a lack of class identifiers in these pictures, positing that what these images really project is class mobility through the knowledge of what’s “cool.”  Naturally, these images are meant to be shared. [Visual Culture Blog]
  • The University of Texas at Dallas is investing in a $17 million art history institute emphasizing data analysis. [Dallas Morning News]
  • In Sweden, artists who exhibit in state-run museums must be paid a stipend. That’s the rule, but plenty of institutions have been evading payment. [The Art Newspaper]
  • The Conscientious photo portfolio competition 2014 deadline closes October 31st. This is a competition aimed at emerging photographers and offers an interview on the site. [CPH]
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Make a $10,000 GIF for Giphy

by Whitney Kimball on October 22, 2014
"See money raining down on me" from

“See money raining down on me” from

“GIF of the Day” fans, artists, readers: a gift to you. Giphy is holding a $10,000 contest to make a digital sticker. The sticker doesn’t even have to be animated, and it can just be something you made that’s lying around from years past. By sticker, I’m pretty sure they just mean an animated GIF or a picture. It will not stick to things. This is likely the largest sum of money any individual will stand to make off a GIF in 2014.

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W.A.G.E. Establishes Minimum Payment Policies for Artists

by Corinna Kirsch on October 10, 2014
Thumbnail image for W.A.G.E. Establishes Minimum Payment Policies for Artists

What you should be getting paid, in real numbers.

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Q&A: Why Do We Have Easel Paintings?

by Corinna Kirsch on July 30, 2014
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And now you will know the answer.

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Put Your Name on Creative Capital’s New Stapler or Fax Machine

by Corinna Kirsch on June 25, 2014
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Here’s one way to get your name out: arts-funding organization par excellence Creative Capital is letting you put your name all over their new office—and for less than the cost of your weekly metro card.

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How to Let the World Know Artists Are Getting Paid (or Not)

by Corinna Kirsch on June 3, 2014
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Are you an overworked and underpaid artist? Join the club.

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Lawsuit Filed Against Cooper Union, More Demonstrations to Follow

by Corinna Kirsch on May 28, 2014
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Why should the Cooper Union board seek money from students when the administration needs to curb its own extravagant spending?

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