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Miami Beyond the Fairs: Things You Can See Now

by Michael Anthony Farley on November 25, 2015
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Art Basel Miami Beach doesn’t technically begin until next week, but myriad satellite fairs, pop-ups, and exhibitions at institutions and artist-run spaces have pretty much turned Miami “Art Week” into a season unto itself. For Miami locals or those already in town prepping for the main fairs, there’s plenty of quality shows already open this week, including tonight’s opening reception for a real/fake all-woman art fair. Here, in no particular order, are our picks for what you can see today or this weekend.

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“1993” at the New Museum: Slideshow and Commentary

by Paddy Johnson Whitney Kimball and Corinna Kirsch on February 14, 2013
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A preview of the New Museum’s “1993”, in slideshow format. Get ready for some commentary!

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Prospect 1 New Orleans: The Antidote To Miami

by Art Fag City on December 11, 2008

When people say “The party’s over” they literally mean it. There weren’t as many visitors in Miami this year, and the ones who came were stressed out. I always like writing about the fairs, but I can’t say I enjoyed myself as much as I have in past years; pointing out needlessly lavish art is far more fun than discussing why a fair is conservative and boring.

I’d probably be a lot more cranky right now if I hadn’t just spent a few days in New Orleans visiting Prospect 1., curator Dan Cameron’s Biennial brainchild, and the literal antidote to art fair malaise.

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