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Amazon Art Customer Reviews are Hysterical

by Ian Marshall on August 9, 2013
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It’s only been a week since Amazon launched its new fine arts category, but the customer reviews are already pouring in. Naturally, we immediately took to combing the site for the best of them. Some of the juiciest comments have already been removed from the site, but luckily we were able to snag a lot them before they disappeared. Hoo-boy, did we ever find some good ones!

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Thursday Links: Miscellany Edition

by Paddy Johnson on March 7, 2013

Norman Rockwell, painting detail

  • Nate Thayer, the freelance writer who went from being offered 120K to nothing at The Atlantic reminds artist John Powers about how artists are asked to offer their services for free too. The difference here is that there’s out of pocket expenses that artists are asked to cover too. [Star Wars Modern]
  • “Keeping a Notebook in a Digital Age”. A slightly overstated title—it’s more like “How I Keep My Notes” but whatever. An enjoyable read by Elizabeth Spiers. [The Medium]
  • Dealer Max Stern (now deceased) is finally getting paintings he sold under duress during the Holocaust back from German institutions. [Artsbeat]
  • Oh, lord. George Lucas wants to build an art museum in San Francisco. Reporter David Ng writes that his collection isn’t art critic friendly. Think Norman Rockwell (who I like), and Maxfield Parrish (who I don’t like). [Culture Monster]
  • Some art fairs are going on in NYC. We got this. [Art F City]
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