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This Week’s Must-See Events: Let’s See Frieze Best the 70-foot Bee Magnet

by Paddy Johnson on May 2, 2016
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This is not the week to let your inner researcher go crazy. It’s Frieze week, which means there’s a mountain of events, all of which will seem essential to visit. After spending the day combing through all the talks, the openings, and the fairs we have a little secret we can let you in on. Very little of what we’ve read about constitutes a “must-see” for the average artist. We’ve gone through and selected what we think is actually relevant to artists. That means there are no galas, no co-branding kick-off parties, and no invitation-only events we can’t attend anyway. What we do recommend is Meg Webster’s 70-foot bee magnet at Socrates Sculpture Center, a round table discussion on why artist-run galleries are the bomb, and a Chucky-like doll by Jordan Wolfson we’re pretty sure will scare the crap out of you. Brace yourself.

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This Week’s Must See Art Events: Grab the Popcorn Edition

by The AFC Staff on August 12, 2013
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August suffers from a lull in gallery openings, so you can anticipate plenty of film and performance listings from us for the rest of the month. This week we recommend checking out some of the Lord of the Rings at MoMA (yes, you read that right), a film about land artist Andy Goldsworthy at Storm King, and the last of Shaun Krupa’s performances at the Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery. Sound also emerges as a theme this week, with a performance by Ganjatronics at Clocktower Gallery and the launch of the Soundings event programming at MoMA.

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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Mega-Thursday Openings

by Paddy Johnson Whitney Kimball and Corinna Kirsch on June 17, 2013
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What is happening this week? Thursday is happening. After the Venice Biennale and Frieze, galleries are back on track with mega-Thursday opening nights, boasting the arrival of fun summer group shows. Jew York! The Kitchen! Emerging! Established! All of it’s going into one big pot. Time for some fun.

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What People Will Be Talking About At Art Basel

by Paddy Johnson on June 6, 2013
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Move over Frieze talks. This year’s Art Basel in Switzerland Conversations and Salons looks pretty great. They’d better livestream this shit.

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Friday Links: What’ll Happen to the Girl in the Red Dress?

by Whitney Kimball on April 26, 2013

Aimmi Phillips' "Girl in Red Dress With Cat and Dog" (1830-1835) (Screen shot courtesy of the American Folk Art Museum)

  • It was only a matter of time before someone called out BiennialeOnline’s lofty claim to being “the first exclusively online biennale exhibition of contemporary art.” Today, that falls to artist Oliver Laric. His “An Incomplete Timeline of Online Exhibitions and Biennales,” covers everything from THE THING to, and should be a primer for those who’d like to learn. The work was intended for BiennaleOnline, but has since been withdrawn for limiting format requirements, like, absurdly, not being allowed to include any outgoing URLS.  Rhizome’s artbase (also on the list), now hosts the piece. Get with the times, people! [; Artbase]
  • After a tragic shooting in Illinois on Wednesday, Rita Luark needs money to bury her daughter, two grandchildren, and their father. You can send the Luarks money here:
    102 South Main, PO Box 258, White Hall, IL 62092
    Online: [Facebook]
  • Columbia MFA Thesis Show opens this Sunday at The Fischer Landau Center between 2-5. The show is curated by Fionn Meade. Recommended. [Fischer Landau Center for Art]
  • Jason Foumberg has been busting his butt over at Newcity Art, with sweeping coverage of Chicago’s scene. This week’s installment: Breakout Artists 2013. [Newcity]
  • Are selfies narcissistic? Brian Droitcour thinks not, reasoning that a selfie means sharing oneself; not taking selfies denotes a preciousness about your autonomy. He’d also make a good case for swinging. [culturetwo]
  • A seven-foot-tall Greco Roman head made of styrofoam was found by the Marist College crew team in the Hudson River. Officials are dumbfounded. [Newsday]
  • If you’ve following the latest chapter of Folk Art Museum’s ongoing punishment, this video should make you sad. Collector Ralph Esmerian gives Martha Stewart a tour of the Folk Art Museum, back when the 53rd street building was new, in the mid-2000s. “How does it feel to see all your things here?” Martha asks, to which Ralph replies “Fantastic…they have a fantastic home in which to shine.” MoMA now plans to demolish that building, and Esmerian’s currently serving a 6-year prison sentence for bankruptcy and wire fraud. In order to cover his debts, Sotheby’s will be auctioning off all but 53 of 263 of the works which Esmerian promised to the museum. We hope this doesn’t include “Girl in Red Dress With Cat and Dog” (1830-1835) by folk art icon Aimmi Phillips, of which Esmerian says: “This girl is just terribly, terribly special. I was able to get it after several institutions had passed her up. I thought she was vital in terms of her charm and beauty and innocence.” [Martha Stewart]
  • Hrag Vartanian also interviewed Esmerian back in 2002. Of “Girl in Red Dress,” Esmerian told him:

“When I was told there was an American Folk Art classic coming onto the art market, I couldn’t believe what it could be. AFAM was the third museum in line to be offered the work, but the first two turned it down because of the price. I felt we had no choice and we had to have it because it would give us an institutional sense that we’re here. We paid an enormous price but got something that is truly sensational,” Esmerian says about the painting he purchased in 1984 and immediately transferred to the custody of the Museum. []

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NADA Slideshow: What We Liked

by Will Brand and Paddy Johnson on December 7, 2012
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Half the Lower East Side transplanted itself in Miami this week for NADA, so we decided to join them. We spent most of yesterday hanging out with the 70 plus international exhibitors at the fair, and have a slideshow with commentary to show for it. What we liked below.

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An Informal Survey of Swag: The Sociology of Hip Hop In the Micro-World of Emerging Net Art

by Jennifer Chan on September 14, 2012
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Cultural studies has established that suburban white kids love hip hop in a complex manner; heaps has been written on aspiration, colorblindedness, misogynism, emulation, and subordination. But just what makes hip hop so appealing to net artists? Instead of passing off any attempt to indulge in hip hop as a 1:1 relationship between appropriation and mockery, I’m interested in looking at how different artists incorporate hip hop in their artwork to talk about themselves.

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IMG MGMT: Turbo Sculpture

by VVork on August 24, 2009
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(Editors note: IMG MGMT is an annual image-based artist essay series. Today’s invited artists are VVORK, a daily art journal run by Aleksandra Domanović, Georg Schnitzer, Christoph Priglinger and Oliver Laric. Vvork has curated shows at Galerie West in The Hague, MU in Eindhoven, Platform3 in Munich,  and part of the Foto Biennale Mannheim Ludwigshafen […]

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