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The Sincere Internet Cat Video Festival

by Paddy Johnson on March 9, 2013
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Last summer, The Walker Art Center hosted “The Internet Cat Video Festival”, the most attended event in its 86 year history. It attracted some 10,000 people to their screening, press from around the world, and continues to account for more than 5 percent of the Walker’s web traffic. It also got festival organizers Scott Stulen and Katie Hill a presentation at SXSW.

“All audiences are equal” Stulen told the crowd, as he and Hill discussed the people who attended the festival. There were cat people, dog people, young people, old people. Art people, film people, and regular ol’ people. People who dressed up as cats, people who brought their cats, and according to Jezebel, even people who thought they were cats. There were a lot of people.

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