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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: An Overdue Eclipse of Male Artists

by Michael Anthony Farley on October 3, 2016
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While the Guerrilla Girls are in London chastising Europe’s man-centric art world,  we’re happy to report an all-too-rare week in New York that’s dominated by awesome female artists. Tuesday night Esther Ruiz is unveiling an installation at BAM, and the much-missed queer space Spectrum gets resurrected as The Dreamhouse in Ridgewood, with performances from Juliana Huxtable and more. Thursday night at Anna Zorina Gallery, Nadine Faraj’s solo show celebrates going topless as an act of political defiance, and Friday Robin Kang’s weavings at OUTLET demonstrate that textiles are still relevant to tech.

Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg is having a banner weekend, with a Friday night documentary about gender-redefining icon Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and a Saturday night screening of an experimental feminist revenge flick from Kat Hunt.

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The Best of Art F City, 2015

by Rea McNamara on December 31, 2015
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Revisiting the ‘Simple Net Art Diagram’, reviewing an art fair’s virtual tour, calling out Georg Baselitz, breaking news on the USC MFA Class, and even bringing back nerdocracy. Readers, we truly feel a real sense of accomplishment for the stories we wrote in 2015, especially after amassing them in a ‘Best of’ list such as this. We not only paid artists to attend art fairs, but also investigated sexism is arts publishing and even had two Renaissance cosmetics experts dish on body hair removal. Who else publishes this shit? No one.

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