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“Palm Reader,” A Show About Touch

by Whitney Kimball on May 15, 2013
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Lumpy-dumpiness seems to be all the rage in the emerging scene (think curdled plaster, splotchy painting, loading palettes, pinched and unglazed ceramics), to the point where the Lower East Side can feel like one big boutique. But usually, a decent show will remind you that materials are not the problem. I review an intimate show of raw painting and sculpture by Fabienne Lasserre, Luke Armitstead, and Sophie Stone, in the new Sunset Park mini-gallery So What Space.

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This Week’s Must-See Art Events, Now and Forever

by Whitney Kimball on April 8, 2013
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It’s spring in New York, and to celebrate, we’ve got a week of new art listings! A new gallery opens in Sunset Park, a Polish artist gets posthumously reevaluated, an astrophysicist speaks about space and art, and Norte Maar gathers money for the year ahead. More after the jump.

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