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Rob Carter

Dan Deacon – Surprise Stefani / Magma

by Paddy Johnson on May 9, 2011

Dan Deacon – Surprise Stefani / Magma – This video reminds me of Rob Carter's photographs

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In Our Masthead: Rob Carter

by Art Fag City on July 30, 2007

Rob Carter, Coventry City F.C., 2006, postcard, 4 x 6 inches A few of you may remember this week’s featured artist Rob Carter from last year’s emerging artist summer series, but for those who missed the post, I wrote several paragraphs on his art here. Since that time Carter made a number of new works, […]

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The AFC Emerging Artist Summer Series: The Photographs of Rob Carter

by Art Fag City on July 5, 2006

My videos and photographs examine paper as both a physical object and a malleable document of time. The imagery often relies on theatrical manipulation or illusion, but uses these mechanisms in order to inform or expand the meaning or reading of the imagery, rather than to fool the viewer’s sense of what is real. My […]

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