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What Actually Happened at The LA MoCA Gala

by Reid Singer on November 14, 2011
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The donor gala at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art went off yesterday, and more or less without a hitch. It was a Jeffrey Deitch kind of night, eliciting reactions that run exactly parallel to how people feel about Jeffrey Deitch. If Deitch’s penchant for campy spectacle is not to your taste, then you probably found the treatment of naked performers distasteful. If you admire Deitch’s approach to fundraising and attention-farming, then you’d likely describe the donor gala as a success. If you’re often overcome by imbalances of power and capital in the art world, then you won’t overlook how Deitch’s employment of Abramovic, a fellow art superstar, discouragingly affirms that order.

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Yvonne Rainer’s “Salò” Reference Is Hyperbole

by Reid Singer on November 11, 2011
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Sirens are sounding as word has spread of a letter written by choreographer Yvonne Rainer to LA MoCA director Jeffrey Deitch. Rainer isn’t happy. Dismayed after hearing details of the performance artwork organized by Marina Abramovic set to take place during a donor gala for the museum, she describes the planned performance as “degrading” and “grotesque,” denouncing Abramovic’s project as “another example of the Museum's callousness and greed.” In her letter to Deitch, Rainer writes that the work of art taking place during the gala to something ‘reminiscent of ‘Salò.'”

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