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Art World Scoop from Industry Expert Geri Thomas

by Paddy Johnson on September 29, 2014
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I first heard of Thomas & Associates in 2001. I had just finished grad school and was looking for work. A professor who was friends with the company’s current president, Geri Thomas, told me I should check out the art recruiting and consulting firm. I sent out a resume to them and never heard back.
I now see that as a sign of a good recruiter. I had no experience or particular aptitude for commercial arts administration, and that would have been clear from even a quick look at my resume.

Founded in 1999—just two years prior to my own discovery of the firm—Thomas & Associates provides staffing, consulting and professional development seminars exclusively for arts and culture. The company has taken on top-tier clients like the Studio Museum, James Cohan Gallery, and Sean Kelly. Thomas herself has taught arts administration at NYU since 2002, and helped to create a certificate program at the university in Art Collections Management and Display. Prior to that time, Thomas owned a gallery, worked in PR for Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum, and held the Director of Exhibitions and Collections position at the Jewish Museum.

13 years after my original application, I reached out to her again. I wanted to know what recruiting firms do, between fielding grad student resumes and helping museums put on major exhibitions. Now that I’m a blogger, I finally get to find out what happens behind the scenes at the offices of Thomas & Associates.

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Contemporary Art Dominates the ADAA Art Show

by Paddy Johnson on March 5, 2014
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Mercifully, this year’s ADAA far was absent of familiar pop art fair staples such as Roy Lichtenstein and James Rosenquist. Many dealers brought contemporary art to the fairs, with familiar names such as Dana Schutz, Jacob Kassay, and James Turrell filling the booths. That, along with a series of in-depth solo booths, contributed to an overall sense of higher quality than in years past.

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The Banality Bubble at The Armory Show

by Paddy Johnson on March 9, 2012
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Halfway through The Armory Show I was so bored I was composing headlines with the words “skip it”, and yet by the end of the day a jubilance filled the air as dealers started to report strong sales. Are we in another art bubble?

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