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Wednesday Links: Art Mimicking Products, Products Mimicking Art

by Paddy Johnson and Rhett Jones on June 29, 2016


  • DIS responds to critics of the Berlin Biennale. The collective says that “people may leave feeling angry or uncomfortable, which is a valid response, and it’s better than them feeling gratified as if they’d just recycled, or donated to a cause.” They go on to say that “the big mistake people make is to see this as a disillusioned or cynical or fatalist perspective.” The interview sounds a lot smarter than the show looks. [Ocula]
  • If the auction at Sotheby’s yesterday is any indication it seems that international players are taking advantage of the devalued British currency. Works by Keith Haring and Jenny Saville broke records and overall sales were characterised as “reassuring.” London dealer Harry Blain said that “It’s such an international market. If you are looking at something in terms of sterling it is a lot less expensive than it was three days ago.” [The Art Newspaper]
  • A ranking of all 156 Amazon dash buttons. There’s something unsettling about the branded devices that reorder common items like detergent or toilet paper with a single button press. This list gets it right with Trojan condoms coming in at number one. [Motherboard]
  • Airbnb is suing San Francisco over on-going regulatory disputes that were initially kicked off by affordable housing advocates. The city decided on June 7th to fine Airbnb $1,000 a day for every unregistered host on the site. This follows a move by New York to fine users of Airbnb who rent a whole apartment for fewer than 30 days. [New York Times]
  • Stella Schnabel has opened a “music club that’s like an art gallery.” How is it more like a gallery than a venue? That remains unclear. It sounds as if Ms. Schnabel is just unaware of the large DIY venue scene in New York and her music space is more like an art gallery because it is not Madison Square Garden. Also, they serve fruit punch instead of alcohol. [Wall Street Journal]
  • You can rent photographer Annie Leibovitz’s former four-floor townhouse in the West Village for a mere $13,500 a month. It’s shaped like a triangle, so good luck doing anything interesting with the space. [Curbed]
  • Once again, the New York City Rent Guidelines Board approved a rent freeze on all one-year leases. [Capital New York]
  • Artists are no longer flocking to New York, according to artnet News. Instead, they are opting to stay in their city of origin—Mexico, Brazil, Poland, Indonesia, etc. Not exactly news to most art professionals, but good to see the fact that these so-called peripheries are a big deal to artists acknowledged. [artnet News]
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