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Covering The Waterfront: The DUMBO Gallery Round-Up Part 1

by Emily Colucci on October 6, 2016
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Can art thrive in the land of startups and $10 coffee? Neither is known to be particularly art friendly, so the question seemed relevant as I headed over to DUMBO. Dotting the neighborhood are several non-profits (and a few for-profit spaces), many of which are beneficiaries of the space subsidy program run by Two Trees, the largest (and arguably only) arts-friendly developer in the city. The program offers these spaces rents at reduced retail prices. (Disclaimer: Art F City is a space subsidy program participant.)

This fall, the proliferation of non-profits in the neighborhood hosts more than its share of politically oriented shows. Following my last gallery round-up in the West Village, I decided to cruise the Brooklyn waterfront on a Saturday afternoon to see what these non-profits to offer for their fall shows. And I was not disappointed. Here’s what I found:

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DEADLINE EXTENDED: Apply for Two Trees Cultural Space Subsidy Program!

by Rhett Jones on June 29, 2016
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Good news! The deadline to apply for the Two Trees Cultural Space Subsidy Program has been extended until July 15th.

Here at AFC, we’re big fans of Two Trees efforts to grow the cultural community in DUMBO by providing affordable workspace for artists and organizations. As a participants ourselves, we can testify to the fact that the below market rents offered to awardees can be transformative. The workshops, open house and ongoing programming we run simply wouldn’t be possible without it.  

Each year, the organization reviews applications for the 50,000 square feet of space it’s set aside to be rented at below market rates.  Two Trees has subsidized space for artists like Jeanine Oleson and Eric Lopresti (both are IMG MGMT alumni) as well as non-profit organizations like Art in General, Triangle and NYFA. We want to see DUMBO continue to thrive as a destination for community-focused art. If for no other reason, because we work here and we like having good neighbors.

You can see the full guidelines and apply here. You have until July 15th and will be notified by October 1st. There are simply too few of these programs in NYC, so get in there. The only thing you have to lose is your far too expensive workspace.

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