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Not an Alternative: “FORTY” at MoMA PS1

by Emily Colucci on July 13, 2016
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Can alternative spaces and their anti-institutional goals ever be faithfully represented inside a museum? If MoMA PS1’s current exhibition FORTY is any indication, the answer is a definitive no.

What makes this realization even more awkward is that in this show, the alternative space and institution are one and the same. As its name suggests, FORTY honors the 40th anniversary of PS1 by looking back to its first exhibition Rooms. The show, like Rooms, is organized by Alanna Heiss who founded PS1 in 1976. The former alternative arts space was just one project launched under Heiss’ nonprofit Institute for Art and Urban Resources Inc.

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(Re)locating Public Sculpture in Chicago

by Jason Foumberg on March 4, 2013
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A strange thing about public sculpture in Chicago is that it sometimes has legs. It’s not everyday that these bronze and stone objects grow a pair and walk out of view, but several recent examples of displaced sculpture draw attention to the sometimes strained relationship between public art and the public.

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The Road to Better Challenges: The Art Fag City/C-Monster Work of Art Proposal

by Paddy Johnson on July 19, 2010
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Who wants to see better challenges on Bravo’s reality show Work of Art? Judging by critic Jerry Saltz’ 300 plus Facebook comments on the subject, I’m guessing most of us. Prompted by this clear calling, I teamed up with Carolina A. Miranda of fame to propose a few suggestions for the Bravo Team.

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