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An Artist’s Guide to the Democratic Primaries

by Michael Anthony Farley on April 8, 2016
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In this increasingly heated primary contest, two of the issues that impact our readers most haven’t exactly been hot-button topics. Candidates rarely discuss funding for the arts or affordable housing in the nation’s rapidly-gentrifying cities.

New Yorkers head to the polls Tuesday, April 19th, and the art school meccas of Providence, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New Haven will be casting their ballots one week later, on April 27th. The Democratic race for New York has been especially tense, with the April 14th debate at Brooklyn Navy Yard looming on the horizon. How in touch are the candidates with issues pertinent to our readers? For starters, neither one knows how to ride the subway. But both have been staunch advocates for the arts and make claims that they’ll tackle the nation’s affordable housing crisis. I’ve done some digging on how their records on those issues stack up.

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The Art World is Crumbling, but We Have Chromatic Dinosaurs

by Corinna Kirsch on February 8, 2012
  • Walmart is full of evil; they’re screwing with Miami Basel. [Artnet]
  • Carol Vogel writes about the Met like it’s fallen into a doomsday scenario: “the fountains are leaking, the sidewalk is crumbling, and the trees are dying.” [The New York Times]
  • Junk Jet just released its newest issue about all things “net-heart!”. You can see most of the issue on Junk Jet‘s Flickr; and it includes essays and images by a “who’s who” list of net-aware writers, curators, and artists like Nicholas O’BrienArtie VierkantRafaël Rozendaal, and Bea Fremderman. Oh, and it includes an essay by our Editor-in-Chief, Will Brand. <3333s! [Junk Jet]
  • One of our Associate Editors, Whitney Kimball has an expert’s eye for painting. Here, she reviews Sarah McEneaney’s show at Tibor de Nagy. [New American Paintings]
  • Facebook won’t allow its users to post photos that show breast feeding. Moms are mad; protests have been happening outside of Facebook offices worldwide. [Tiny Nibbles]
  • You Tube’s full of hidden goodies. It’s not just funny puppies and cute kitties – or cute puppies and funny kitties; it has oodles of early computer animation to sift through. Not to be too hipster in my choice of subject matter, but Chromosaurus, a mesmerizing video of shiny dinosaurs, is a great place to start exploring the corners of early CGI. [YouTube]
  • According to this lawsuit, porn can’t be copyrighted. [Torrent Freak]
  • Andrew Andrew, one of our nominees for the AFCRPAAaA*, give a feisty video review of the downtown theater scene, chock full of banter ranging from what ants eat for dinner to sticking a dick in a plant. [Paper]
  • Many thanks to another one of our AFCRPAAaA* awards nominees, Adam Lindemann, who just gave AFC a new tagline: “What you do is great, if somewhat misguided.” Yes, these are words of wisdom. [Twitter]
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