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Changes to the Emerging Art Scene on 27th Street

by Paddy Johnson on April 4, 2014
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Will the Waterfront Building on 27th street continue to be a district for the emerging arts? Real estate prices are rising everywhere in the city, and with the respected Winkleman Gallery moving out of the building after its lease expired this March, we wondered whether this was the beginning of another neighborhood change.

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What’s New at Moving Image London? Lots!

by Paddy Johnson and Hannah Garner on September 12, 2013
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The Moving Image Art Fair’s London participant list is out and they’re listing a largely new roster of participants. Of the 31 exhibitors, nine will return from the fair’s iterations in London and New York. These include Winkleman Gallery (whose owners Murat Orozobekov and Edward Winkleman founded the fair), Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, AV-Arkki, STAMPA, P·P·O·W, Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery, DODGE Gallery, Galerie M + R Fricke, and Mark Moore Gallery.

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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Back to School

by Whitney Kimball on September 3, 2013
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No more indoor screenings; this week, we are very busy and important people. Chelsea’s bringing the mega-openings. Prolific emerging artists are everywhere, and Transfer Gallery is back in action. And all through fashion week, the PowerSuit Boutique is making PowerSuits for all of us.

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Your Guide to Armory Week

by Reid Singer on March 4, 2013
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Even though the hum around Armory week seems subdued this year, visiting half-a-dozen-plus art fairs can in a few days’ time can feel like a week on a Eurail pass. Naive outsiders are treated harshly, the food is unfamiliar and overpriced, and you spend a lot of time snooping around taking pictures. It’s useful to have an index that you can depend on to guide you towards the things that are worth seeing and away from the things that aren’t. A guidebook if you will. Here’s ours.

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We Went to Chelsea: 27th Street

by The AFC Staff on January 23, 2013
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Sascha Braunig (Foxy Production) gives us reason to wonder whether op art should be spooky or bizarre; Thomas Barrow (Derek Eller Gallery) makes confused sculptures; and Michael Waugh (Winkleman Gallery) falls out of a boat.

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27th Street Galleries Reopen, with Fanfare

by Corinna Kirsch on January 14, 2013
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On Saturday afternoon, the strip of galleries between the Hudson waterfront and 11th Avenue finally reopened with a block-wide opening reception. Those galleries have been closed since Hurricane Sandy hit in October. With months of repairs behind them, the galleries along 27th Street seem happy to sweep away those recent memories.

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SEVEN: The Fair We Enjoy

by Will Brand on December 8, 2012
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There’s not much point in comparing SEVEN, the boothless, 7-gallery satellite fair in Miami’s Wynwood district, to Art Basel Miami Beach. It has no roving carts of champagne, no collectors’ lounge, and no dealers with hungry eyes sitting watch over their wares. When we visited for their party on Thursday, there was a distressing lack of Diddy. The attitude there—and we say this every year—is simply different.

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Death to the White Cube: SEVEN

by Paddy Johnson on December 3, 2011
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After a few days at Art Basel Miami Beach, it's easy to forget that art doesn't always come in cubes. Museums and private collections offer some respite, but among the legion of Basel satellite fairs, only one dares break the mould: SEVEN. SEVEN's organizers – BravinLee programs, Hales Gallery, Pierogi Gallery, Postmasters, P.P.O.W., Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, and Winkleman Gallery, all from New York – have worked collaboratively, arranging their works in a flowing exhibition whose geography is determined less by funding and more by content.

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