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Alex Da Corte Takes On The Founding Fathers In ‘A Man Full Of Trouble’

by Emily Colucci on November 17, 2016
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Now that the country has elected a threatening Wizard of Oz figure for president, any art that takes aim at the myth of American exceptionalism feels pretty relevant. The democratic dream created in 1787 looks a lot like a nightmare in 2016. And with the news of White House staff and potential Cabinet appointments reading like a list of supervillains, it’s refreshing when art can articulate a pointed skepticism of America’s promise.

Alex Da Corte’s A Man Full Of Trouble at Maccarone provides some of that much-needed critique. The work here launches a timely reassessment of America through a combination of its storied colonial past and its kitsch-filled, worn out present.

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IMG MGMT: Freddie and St. Cosmas

by Jaimie Warren on July 14, 2016
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These images are pulled from my personal database of thousands of saved jpgs, gifs and video clips from Internet memes, pop culture, and art history, collected over a ten-year period. Deceased saints and celebrities, horror movie victims and victims of plague, pop culture monsters and cartoon characters form a cast of silly and somber subjects who cameo in my large-scale community reenactments of art history.

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