The Chelsea Wasteland

by Art Fag City on October 24, 2005 Events

Not surprisingly, you could shoot a canon through Chelsea this weekend and no one would notice. The Frieze Art Fair successfully emptied most galleries of at least half their staff, and some galleries had even closed for the duration of the fair. Apologies to anyone who decided to going to Robert Miller Gallery for their opening on Saturday. After saving that gallery for viewing after six, I arrived only to see the staff members posting typed up notices on their doors alerting all of us that the artist reception would happen next Friday. And when I say all of us, I mean myself and two other people, one of them muttering “My information told me Saturday”. Well no shit. At least you didn’t advertise the fucking thing.

Given that I arrived at six to Robert Miller Gallery there is no review of that show, that is unless you are content to read what I saw from the window. But I’m not.

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