Slim Pickin’s

by Art Fag City on October 28, 2005 Events

Looks like Halloween trumps openings this year, because once again, there ain’t much happening this weekend. Here are this weekends picks.

Friday, October 28

Sarah Bowen Gallery: Rick Briggs
Cartoony painting. It’s art about art, which usually is a real snore fest, but I have to say this looks interesting. The paintings create a mini narrative about living a trapped existence in an empty day job. So, really the work is interesting because it’s about a lot more than just art.

Pace Wildenstein: The Women of Giacometti
Finally a show I’m interested at Pace. I thought that was never going to happen. It doesn’t seem like this work is for sale, much like the Constable show at Salander O’Reilly Gallery last year. You have to wonder how galleries afford shows like this.

Saturday, October 29

Postmasters: Mary Kelly New Works
Video work about memory and history. I find the work at Postmasters to be hit or miss. Kelly has an impressive exhibition history, but not being overly familiar with the work keeps me from saying anything of substance on the artist.

A note of apology for publishing this late today. The internet can be a real bitch some times.

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