Weiss: Probably a Republican

by Art Fag City on November 7, 2005 Events

This Saturday, dealer diva Mike Weiss actually called the police to complain about his “competition”, Eric Doeringer. You’d think Weiss was struggling financially, given his preoccupation with an artist who has been making the same stuff for over four years. Doeringer is well known locally as an artist/street vendor who sells small knock offs of popular contemporary work each Saturday. The art world equivalent to Snoop Dogg claiming unfair competition, and suing an Auto Dealer in Philly for two million, this tiff is likely to be good gossip for at least two days. At this point, neither one of them are doing things interesting enough to pay close attention to, and this kind of pettiness ensures it stays that way.

So, to the wind with fair market place, if it’s not fair in your favor huh Mike? You’re a real shining star, dude. A real shining star.

For a full report go to James Wagner and Barry Hoggard.

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