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by Art Fag City on November 18, 2005 Events

There’s a fair bit to do this weekend, so let me bring you up to speed:

Friday, Nov. 18th

The Kitchen, Performa, Performa, Performa
7 pm, 512 w 19th
Listen Up: Lectures as Performance by Coco Fusco and Bernar Venet.

It’s hard to imagine a lecture series which involves Coco Fusco’s documentation of a women’s course in interrogation not being interesting. Venet’s, Astrophysics with High Energy Light, a reworking of Neutron Emission first performed in 1966 looks promising too judging by the photograph alone. At the very least, a weird, idiosycratic lecture on Neutron Emission by an artist promises entertainment.

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
521 West 21 St
Mark Dion: The Curiosity Shop
19 November, 2005 to 14 January, 2006

Works that are about exhibition display tend to be engaging because it means an artist is thinking about context. There are a number of drawings in the show that aside from being well executed, are a great example of constructed archeological fiction. In addition, Mark Dion has a track record of making good work, so the show looks like it’s going to be a winner.

Hunter Open Studios and Silent Auction
450 W. 41st Street
6-10 Friday, 2:30-6 Saturday

Of a hundred artist studios you’ll see, usually four or five of them have something decent up, and the rest is a wash. Still, the four or five usually make it worth going to. Or it’s a party, and that’s what makes it worth going to. I have to admit, I find it endlessly fascinating that the grad program admits fairy artists and Johnston Foster. It’s like their admission policy is based on a lottery system. In any case, if you are interested in taking a sneak peak at what Rare will be showing in the future definitely check out the open studios, because that’s their farm team. Also, Rare has been known to sponsor Keg and Pizza Parties in the studios of their artists. Let nobody say that that gallery isn’t about good times.

Saturday Nov. 19

Salon Show and Benefit Auction
147 Bowery @ Broome.
6-10 Saturday night only

Yet another Hunter affiliated event. tART is a women’s artist collective which has been together for a little over a year. Perhaps more aptly named “First Time Out”, this salon show is their first show and an impressive effort for the group. Like all member shows you can expect a mixed bag of talent, but the home run works in the show, make it worth the trip. Also, the benefit auction is a good way to get some cheap art.

Exit Art: Holiday Windows
475 10th ave
Nov 19th – Jan 1.
Opening: November 19, 6-9

This is a great idea for a show, and all signs point to success. I was just on their website looking for more information, but it looks like the best I am going to do for this post is this. I will refrain from commenting on their website. Again.

Frequency, at the Studio Museum
144 W 125 St
Now through Sun 3.12.06 (Wed-Fri & Sun: 12-6pm / Sat: 10am-6pm)

Okay, so this isn’t an opening, but it’s worth being listed anyway. Touted as a snap shot of the moment, the show is a collection of strong, intelligent work, by black artists across America. I have to say I found the show rather eye opening, because judging by the level of the work, the majority of these artists should be big names in the art world, and few of them are. So, go check out what you’re missing, because as AFC learned last week, it happens to be quite a bit.

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